The King of Schnorrers (Jewish, Judaism)

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It has been almost continuously in print since and has been used as the basis for three commercial movies. Zangwill endorsed feminism and pacifism, [11] but his greatest effect may have been as a writer who popularised the idea of the combination of ethnicities into a single, American nation.

Israel Zangwill

The hero of his widely produced play, The Melting Pot , proclaims: "America is God's Crucible, the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and reforming God is making the American. Zangwill was also involved with specifically Jewish issues as an assimilationist, an early Zionist, and a territorialist.

Zangwill is known incorrectly for inventing the slogan " A land without a people for a people without a land " describing Zionist aspirations in the Biblical land of Israel. He did not invent the phrase; he acknowledged borrowing it from Lord Shaftesbury. Is there such a thing?

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To be sure there is, the ancient and rightful lords of the soil, the Jews! The territory must be assigned to some one or other There is a country without a nation; and God now in his wisdom and mercy, directs us to a nation without a country. In in the periodical New Liberal Review , Zangwill wrote that "Palestine is a country without a people; the Jews are a people without a country".

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They were both well-known writers or 'men of letters' - imagination that engendered understanding. Baron Albert Rothschild had little to do with the Jews.

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On Herzl's visits to London, they co-operated closely. Hear, hear. For we have something to give as well as to get. We can sweep away the blackmailer—be he Pasha or Bedouin—we can make the wilderness blossom as the rose, and build up in the heart of the world a civilisation that may be a mediator and interpreter between the East and the West. In , Zangwill wrote that Palestine "remains at this moment an almost uninhabited, forsaken and ruined Turkish territory". The pashalik of Jerusalem is already twice as thickly populated as the United States" leaving Zionists the choice of driving the Arabs out or dealing with a "large alien population".

According to Ze'ev Jabotinsky , Zangwill told him in that, "If you wish to give a country to a people without a country, it is utter foolishness to allow it to be the country of two peoples. This can only cause trouble. The Jews will suffer and so will their neighbours. One of the two: a different place must be found either for the Jews or for their neighbours".

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In he wrote "'Give the country without a people,' magnanimously pleaded Lord Shaftesbury, 'to the people without a country. The country holds , Arabs. In Zangwill wrote "If Lord Shaftesbury was literally inexact in describing Palestine as a country without a people, he was essentially correct, for there is no Arab people living in intimate fusion with the country, utilizing its resources and stamping it with a characteristic impress: there is at best an Arab encampment, the break-up of which would throw upon the Jews the actual manual labor of regeneration and prevent them from exploiting the fellahin , whose numbers and lower wages are moreover a considerable obstacle to the proposed immigration from Poland and other suffering centers".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Israel Zangwill. Cambridge University Press. Brighton: Harvester Press, , p. Autumn, , pp. A footnote shows the letter to have been written on 27 November This letter is held in the Roosevelt Collection, Library of Congress. Sherwood, eds.