Escaping Paradise

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Brian W. Reef fish endemism and genetic connectivity: Phylogeography of endemic damselfishes in the Hawaiian Archipelago Kimberly A. Common misconceptions in molecular ecology: echoes of the modern synthesis. Stephen A. Comparative phylogeography of widespread and endemic damselfishes in the Hawaiian Archipelago Kimberly A. Tenggardjaja , Brian W. Bowen , Giacomo Bernardi.

Diversity from genes to ecosystems: A unifying framework to study variation across biological metrics and scales Oscar E. References Publications referenced by this paper. Endemism and dispersal: comparative phylogeography of three surgeonfishes across the Hawaiian Archipelago Jeff A.

Origins, ages and population histories: comparative phylogeography of endemic Hawaiian butterflyfishes genus Chaetodon Matthew Thomas Craig , Jeff A. Eble , B. Contrasting phylogeography in three endemic Hawaiian limpets Cellana spp. Christopher E. Bowen , Robert J Toonen. Estimation of the population scaled mutation rate from microsatellite data. Peter Beerli. You'd be surprised.

Escaping Paradise’s tracks

There's actually an area near where this footage was taken literally called "helltown". My family is evacuated and safe. Not all my friends are safe. Things always work out, but the unknown is a little scary. There's a little boy and on his 14th birthday he gets a horse The boy got a horse" And the Zen master says, "we'll see.

True, you tend to only hear "things always work out" because the people who would report "things didn't work out" don't have the faculty to say that anymore, because they are dead. The video starts with him at home deciding to get out, driving to the exit off the mountain that was closest to his home I started the video at the point that he drives back past his street and into the thick of it. It still haunts me to watch it.

How does a car even keep functioning in that heat. Tires are gone after a bit I assume? Insane drive, poor people. Fuel tanks are actually really safe. Gas won't explode with no air so of it's in an air tight compartment it's just as safe as water. A gas tank isn't air tight but it still limits air and there won't be any ashes landing in it or anything. So the tires were probably OK. I think my primary concern would be an ember igniting the air filter and starting a fire in the engine bay.

Edit: Comments below are saying other failures bursting or bursting into flames will occur prior to a tire melting. Seriously though, I had friends in Gatlinburg at the time, these guys are incredibly lucky they made it, that drive was brutal, they might not have made it around that tree in a car. Not everybody had the same luck. Yea, insane. Lucky there weren't more trees in the road, or power lines down Feel kinda bad for dude in that car, hope he got out ok.


I'm extremely impressed with that guy's driving. There was next to zero visibility and he was still maintaining a good speed and a clean line around those bends. I think his GPS actually helped a lot. Knowing that there are turns coming up must have helped him regulate his speed decently but also given him some ease of mind knowing the road is still there.

That's surreal. I can't imagine how it felt to be there. Really makes me wonder about those people they saw when they turned around, did they make it out? What about the guy who was stopped in their way? Really scary. It also really reminded me of the opening to The Last Of Us while you're driving away from the house. That calm anxiety of trying to escape a looming catastrophe. Glad they made it out. Thanks for sharing, that's a wild video. Dial for rescue because is swamped. Paradise is my home town. Edit: Thanks for the support everybody. My mom just texted me saying he has been evacuated and is safe.

I hope your grandpa turns out to be okay. And in the meantime, I hope you all are taking comfort from each other. My moms cousins fled this fire and just called her last night. Along with all their neighbors homes as well. They only have one of their cars and clothes on their back. They literally watched as they lost everything they owned. Edit: my mom just talked to her cousin again at 1pm PST and said as they drove through the mountains on fire they could literally hear all the animals left behind screaming and burning.

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Even deer on the side of the road. My friend had a similar story with the propane tanks. He four wheeled his Jeep the hell out of there and heard the explosions going off super close by. Man, natural disaster dreams are most of the top ten worst nightmares I've ever had, and hearing about these fires puts me super on edge. I can't imagine actually having to deal with them. The loss of human life and literally everything survivors owned are already just awful and unfortunate, but I can't imagine how rough it would be as well to have not been able to find a family pet and had to bail, hearing the animals behind you as you go.

Dreadful stuff. My condolences to your mother's cousins. No one should have to live through such a horrifying experience. My house exploding behind me as I fled for my life would certainly haunt me for the rest of my life, that's for sure God, I was already upset about this fire, and the loss if life.

Escape from Paradise (Paradise, #1) by Gwendolyn Field

My grandmother just fled and had to leave her cat as well. I'm glad she seems to have made it out okay, but I've felt sad all day thinking of that poor kitty :. These fires in California are the result of 2 things. In the US we've been suppressing fires since the 's. Historically, fires were very common throughout the US. The Piedmont of NC was originally described as the "great savanna" by the first explorers who went through because the Native Americans burned the forests for agriculture and other reasons.

Now it's oak-dominated, closed canopy forest. By suppressing these fires for over 50 years, fuel loads on the forest floor have become massive, and it only takes one spark for a small area to explode with fire. Fire is NOT a bad thing--its a forest regeneration method, and if its done right, its completely harmless. What we're seeing now is the result of letting a forest get into worse and worse shape until it bursts at the seams due to fuel loads.

Do some research for yourself if you disagree--the forest service has even changed Smokey Bears quote from "Only you can prevent forest fires" to "Only you can prevent WILDfires".


These fires will only get worse and more frequent if we don't start doing controlled burns sooner rather than later. Just my 2 cents. I'm from Australia. We are probably quite similar to California and have had some terrible fires in the past but nothing major for some time. I'm a little confused by what your saying though That's exactly what I'm saying. In some places, longer than 50 years. It started with the thought of "Hrm Now we're where we are today. I dont think its hit me that my house is gone yet. Every corner would be pretty terrifying because of that.

I have three close friends that evacuated from Paradise yesterday. My heart is breaking for them. One of them moved there about 8 months ago Edit: a lot of professors here at Chico State are also displaced many lived in Paradise. Campus is closed today, and we're not sure if that will extend into next week or not yet. It's not a sure thing though. They stopped the fire 3 miles outside of Chico limits, but they were lucky with the wind dying when it did. If it starts gusting again, and in the wrong direction, it could easily jump to town. The city of trees is extremely flammable. They're still worried about the winds but they have boots on the ground now and the equipment to properly fight the fire that they didn't have yesterday evening.

Definitely keeping my eye on things, it's not been fun hearing about Paradise. Yeah I have family in Paradise so this is pretty surreal for me. I haven't personally known anyone affected by California wildfires until now. I laughed when i noticed the message on his dashboard. I had to do something like this, in the Oakland Hills fire of Hot windows, having to drive over burning stuff, exploding electrical transformers, etc. This is pretty much exactly where I was , I've even looked for my car in this footage.

One thing I remember thinking was "someday I'll try to describe this, and people won't really understand". I was looking at it from the other side of the bay, and it was terrifying. Huge pieces of ash were raining down on San Francisco, and the pigeons were all in the air in huge flocks, flying in circles. If it was like that over here, I can't imagine what it was like being in the middle of it. Glad you made it out. I always used to wonder how people got stuck in wildfires, I thought "why don't you just drive away?

EDIT: I read today that at least five people got caught in their cars in the Paradise fire and didn't make it. Unfortunately, not everyone was as lucky. Here I'll help. I don't think I can link the original source since it was a facebook video and probably against doxxing rules but it's in that article.

That's crazy.

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  6. It looks like it's dark outside and they get past the smoke and it's a beautiful clear day. The amount of loss in such a short amount of time is unreal. The video is captured by Brynn Parrott Chatfield and posted on Facebook. In the last 10 second, the video shows that they escaped safely. Also I figured with that much smoke surely the engine would have cut out.. At some point, yes, it would get hot enough to cause problems.

    I suspect that would mostly be the case for those sections of the road that seemed to be on fire themselves.

    See a Problem?

    Keep in mind, though, that modern tyres are designed to be highly heat-resistant, since they can get quite hot in everyday use and need to maintain integrity under heavy braking and cornering. Also if the fire outside the engine is able to burn, then the fire inside the engine is able to burn too. The smoke will clog the air filter after a while, but even then that'd just mean a power loss, not a total stall. The fact that this fire within 5 hours of starting turned a town of 30, people completely to ash astounds me. What can we expect driving in those conditions?

    What changes should be made to any normal driving routine like air and vent settings, braking?

    Escaping Paradise: A story of Camp Fire survivors

    How would the car be effected? Anything and everything you should be aware of. Lake Oroville provides a significant deterrent from the fire and Red Cross has set up tents in Yuba to take anyone in need. The smoke still blocks the sun the air quality is pretty good right now. My home town Family lost their houses, again. So horrible. Really dumb question, but, wouldn't all that fire consume most of the air in the area and affect this vehicles engine performance? I would imagine it would be incredibly hard to breath, even in the vehicle.

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    This rule does not apply to comments Do not post gifs that should be videos. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. I know a dozen people who lost their homes.

    This fire is no joke. Their homes have all burned down and everything is lost. Tom Cruise over here in a Michael Bay film. This is the best I could do. Glad you survived. Terrible way to go. Glad to hear they are safe now. I mean hotter It sounds way more dope. What will you do? It's gamer time! It's across the river from funkytown.

    Holy Hell! According to facebook post. Nurse turned to be another IED. It didn't work out. The IED didn't want to blow up, because it would miss the gym.