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Methods and compositions are provided for the treatment of articular cartilage defects and disease involving the combination of the tissue, such as osteochondral grafts, with active growth factor. The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition or a vaccine which comprises a mixture of viral protein molecules which are sequence variants of a single viral protein or- of part of same. There are provided the combined use of 4-demethoxy-3'-deamino-3'-aziridinyl-4 , -methansulfonyl daunorubicin or 4-demethoxy-N,N-bis 2-chloroethyl -4'-methansulfonyl daunorubicin and an antineoplastic topoisomerase II inhibitor in the treatment of tumors and the use of said combination in the treatment or prevention of metastasis or in the treatment of tumors by inhibition of angiogenesis.

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Imidazo [4,5-c]-pyridineon-derivatives. The invention relates to novel compounds of formula I wherein R, R 1 , R ; , R 3 and n have the meaning given in Claim 1. A flooring material 1 comprises a base portion 2 having a coating portion 3 which imparts improved stain resistance to the flooring material 1 and is positioned in contact with an upper surface of the base portion 2. The invention thus concerns a coupling antenna connected to an electromagnetic wave transceiver device containing one or several integrated capacitors.

Figure 4. A method of reducing odor in a process, the method comprising production of a first stream of material which contains odorous molecules and contacting a second stream of material with the first stream under conditions such that odorous molecules are transferred from the first stream to the second stream, and subsequently dispersing the second stream to the atmosphere, wherein either a cyclodextrin is contacted with the first stream prior to contact of the first stream with the second stream, or b cyclodextrin is contacted with the second stream prior to dispersing of the second stream into the atmosphere, whereby odor in the second stream is reduced.

The invention relates to a method for optimizing the layout and operation of a reduction method for iron-containing, preferably chunky starting materials 3 in a reduction chamber 1 to which reducing gas 9 , for example from a pot-type burner, is fed. A device which may be used for extracting a sample of particles from a particulate mass. THE INVENTION provides a camouflaged mast structure comprising a supporting structure in the form of a lattice formation, an outer shell of sheet material secured to and substantially enclosing the lattice formation, the outer shell being adapted to include camouflage material.

There is provided a method of forming a blister pack comprising contacting a base sheet having a blister pocket therein with a cover sheet and applying laser energy to form a join between said cover sheet and said blister pocket of said base sheet. The present invention relates to the industry of waste gasification according to the fixed-bed pressure gasification method, with the waste being gasified separately or as a mixture with other waste or with other carbon-containing materials. Matter such as an explosive 30 is supported in a drill hole 10 at a predetermined spacing above a bottom 14 of the drillhole 10 by means of a support device 16 including a cup shaped support member 18 and an elongate stem 22 checked against the bottom 14 and propping up the support member A process for producing methyl isobutyl ketone includes introducing acetone into a catalytic distillation.

The invention relates to a novel fonnulation having the advantage of including triclabendazole in solution. A method of operating a customer incentive scheme comprises generating a unique code identifying each of a number of products. The fault identification system includes a first logic circuit which is responsive to conventional protective elements which recognize the presence of low resistance single line-to-ground faults for the A, B and C phases on a power transmission line.

A method for transferring credits between gaming devices connected by a network to a host computer comprising. Conjugate having a cleavable linkage for use in a liposome. Conjugates of a hydrophobic moiety, such as a lipid, linked through a cleavable dithiobenzyl linkage to a therapeutic agent are described. An exhaust duct is provided for, among other things, use in coating devices of the type which provide coatings on one or opposite surfaces of the substrate.

An advanced floor mat is disclosed. Additionally, a sensor system may be included in the floor mat to assist a user in identifying. Ebooks and Manuals

A method of treating an elongate member such as a steel pipe comprises applying a first layer of thermoplastic rubber bitumen material to the pipe in a molten state and allowing it to cool. Process for deforming a metal object which comprises a side wall in the form of substantially a continuous circumferential surface, the object being moved, in a relative movement in the longitudinal direction of the circumferential surface, past a forming tool, in such a manner that the forming tool acts on the side wall and, in the process, deforms the side wall, the side wall coming into contact with a forming tool only on the inside or the outside, characterized in that the object is at least pulled past the forming tool.

The safety valve 1 is provided with an anti-pollution pipe-end 5 which opens into the environment and O which is closed under normal pressure by a closure 6 that is actuated by a membrane 8. Apparatus for delivering a cased glass stream having an inner core glass surrounded by an outer casing glass includes a first or upper orifice ring having at least one orifice for receiving core glass, and a second or lower orifice ring secured beneath the first orifice ring and having a second orifice aligned with each first orifice.

A prop pre-stressing device has a recessed outer member having a base and a peripheral side wall extending upwardly from the base to define the recess, and a flange extending outwardly from the side wall and a recessed inner member comprising a base, a peripheral side wall extending upwardly from the base to define the recess, and a flange extending outwardly from the side wall. A through-hole sealing device capable of sealing a through hole through which a pipe is passed with a simple structure even if a pressure difference is large, wherein a plurality stages of gland packings 26 are arranged on the outer periphery of a pipe 21 , the gland packings 26 are pressed radially inwardly by tubes 24 through retainers 30 , the tubes 24 press the gland packings 26 against the outer peripheral surface of the pipe 21 by the pressure of a tightening gas fed through tightening gas access ports 31 , the plurality stages of the tubes 24 and the gland packings 26 are held by ring spacers 30 and an outer tube 25 , the pressing force of the gland packings 26 in sliding contact with the outer peripheral surface of the pipe 21 can be regulated easily by the regulation of the pressure inside the tubes 24 , and a sealing performance can be increased easily with a simple structure.

A fuel delivery control system controls fuel delivery for an engine having a plurality of cylinders and a electronically controlled fuel injection unit for controlling fuel delivered to each cylinder in response to control signals generated by an electronic control unit. The present invention relates to a granular fertilizer which is coated with a humic acid extract from organic material such as composted granules animal manure, peat, brown coal or composted plant material.

A method for setting and igniting a charge of explosives for geological investigations, comprising the following steps: a hole 14 is drilled in the ground 12 which is to be investigated; an explosion chamber 22 is hollowed out, whereby said explosion chamber has an expanded form in relation to the bore hole 14 at the end of said bore hole 14 ; an ignition element 34 and an explosive container 36 containing an explosive in a protective blister 54 surrounding the ignition element are lowered down into the explosion chamber 22 ; the explosive 42 is pressed out of the explosive container 36 into the explosive chamber 22 and the ignition element 34 is ignited.

The invention provides for improved devices and methods for forming openings in a biological membrane for delivering substances into an animal through the biological membrane for treatment applications, or extracting substances from the animal through the biological membrane for monitoring or other diagnosis applications and for increased transmembrane flux. According to the invention there is provided an electric services appliance control network 10 which includes at least one slave switching unit 20 and a master control unit The invention relates to a base for a dry wall partition, the base including an elongate housing, suitable for housing electrical and communication cabling, the housing comprising a first wall; a second wall; and a connecting wall, extending between the first wall and the second wall; the first wall, second wall and connecting wall being arranged in a substantially l-shaped cross-sectional configuration; the first wall and the second wall both having an inner face, proximate to the connecting wall, and an outer face, remote from the connecting wall; at least one of the inner face of the first wall and the inner face of the second wall being provided with a receiving formation, for receiving a removable cover so as to enclose the housing; and the outer face of the second wall being provided with a pair of substantially parallel, longitudinally extending rail formations and configured to receive a removable securing member, for securing partition boards to the base.

The system has a transmitter , having a complete data packet which is divided into a nnmher of data unit? Both the error correction and error detection parity check bits are separately combined into one or more blocks.

Nando Moura x Ricardo Felício - Aquecimento Global.

Thereafter, the DUs and the block s containing the combined parity check bits are transmitted to the receiver If the receiver determines that a received DU does not contain any errors, the error correction parity check bits for that DU are generated and their effect on the combined error correction parity check bits removed.

Thereafter, the remaining error correction parity check bits, which now only contains information about the Dus actually in error, are used to correct the erroneous Dus Data pub ordem inversa. Data do pedido ordem inversa. Costa Rica. Alemanha dados da RDA. Reino Unido. IPC code. Publication Dates. Filing Dates. Application Number. Application Date. Publication Numer. Publication Date. Country Code. Instant Help. Private Query. C12N C. H01M H. Torkel GREN. A61K A. G08B G. B60T B. Rainer ALEX. A61J A. H01R H.

C11D C.

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      Information about Page Insights Data. Moradia de luxo em Nova Lima. Terreno 1. Luxury Villa in new Lima. Jambreiro condo with beautiful views! Fantastic Villa at Alphaville Nova Lima condominium! Faith Trust Translated. Exclusiva Penthouse T6 com vista mar em Cascais! Send Message. Cada um destes terrenos tem o valor de venda de Unable to load video. Please check your Internet connection and reload this page. If the problem continues, please let us know and we'll try to help. An unexpected error occurred.

      Issue doi: Click here for the english version. For other languages click here. Chamise, um arbusto de chaparral comum, composto por camada de coroa ao vivo. Termopares colocados em cada camada estimada de temperatura. Em Tachajapong et al. Li et al. Em trabalhos relacionados, Cruz et al. Sun et al. Acompanhar os detalhes do protocolo experimental. Subscription Required. Please recommend JoVE to your librarian. Comportamento de altura chama seguido que encontrou no sol et al Figura 6: estimada a altura de chama coroa.