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If I you hear shots or I'm not out in 20 minutes, come in blasting. Keep Six unknown.

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To have a person's back. Derived from military. Also serves well for people who grew up in the ghetto and not necessarily causing trouble purposefully. Also something your girlfriend might say if she needs to pee in public and is decent enough to find a nice tree. Hey buddy , I really gotta go and the store is half an hour walk away To keep a look out for police, derived from cops being 5. I'll park here and roll this up if you keep six!

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Game of Smiles Badder Dirty Dane Any data being transmitted to and from your cloud storage as well as being stored there should be appropriately protected with a strong encryption key. The encryption ensures that persons who illegally access the files cannot make sense of it. An easy and readily available way of encrypting your data is by compressing and storing it in zip files which are then password-protected. Alternatively, you may use strong, recommended encryption techniques that are hacking-proof.

Keeping 6 by Freya Barker

Creating a data backup is a great way of ensuring the integrity of your data. Every piece of data stored on your cloud storage medium should have an alternative regularly-updated storage location.

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The backups should be updated daily to ensure that no sensitive data is lost in case of a malicious attack. Hackers have come up with sophisticated viruses that are capable of spying the data stored in your cloud storage media. Such a virus program only needs to append itself of your cloud storage location to siphon out vital information.

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As a safeguard against this, you should endeavor to ensure that your cloud storage and data handling locations are well protected by antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware software. The programs should also be set to automatically update themselves to be well equipped with the latest data protection mechanisms.

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If your business has a cloud data handling platform, the chances are that you are not the only person accessing the data from the cloud. The likelihood of your employees compromising on the strong data policies you have put in place is very high.

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The employees, for instance, should understand the various relevant cybersecurity practices that are necessary to keep the organizational data safe. The policy should be updated regularly to stay at par with the rising breed of sophisticated hackers. Performing regular assessments and audits on your cybersecurity practices ensure that you stay on top of your game as far as keeping your cloud data safe is concerned.