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As proof of his credentials, Marwan produced the protocols of secret Soviet-Egyptian arms talks.

The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel — Central Intelligence Agency

Marwan had a variety of possible motivations: Becoming a spy accorded him the status of conversing directly with Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Henry Kissinger, et al. Marwan may have also been motivated by money, as the Mossad paid hefty fees for access to secret Egyptian war plans.

Marwan became an invaluable asset to Israel in , when Sadat in conjunction with Assad of Syria prepared to launch another major military assault on Israel. This theory has credibility. Prior to the war, Marwan issued two false alarms of an imminent Egyptian invasion, resulting in costly mobilizations of IDF reserve forces.

Premier Mossad Spy

Things were relatively quiet until , when Dr. After three years of investigative journalism, Bregman published a book revealing Marwan as the legendary Mossad super-spy. Marwan initially suggested they meet at the Dorchester Hotel, but Bregman was fearful it was a set-up — given that was the site of the attempted assassination of Israeli ambassador Shlomo Argov in , which sparked the first Lebanon War. I thought he might try to kill me. When they sat and spoke, however, Bregman had a change of heart.

As they established a personal connection, Bregman regretted revealing the identity of this legendary spy. It was an impulse I should have resisted. In some conversations, Marwan would pour his heart out.

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He was very well-connected, but very lonely. Ironically, I was the only person he could speak openly with — the very person who exposed him. The dispute ended in legal arbitration and in Bregman was called to testify. The judge issued a conclusion that Marwan was loyal to Israel — a verdict that was then leaked and published online.

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At this turn of events, Marwan called Bregman in a panic, leaving multiple voice messages. They scheduled an appointment to meet the next day, but Marwan failed to appear. That morning, he had fallen from the fifth-floor balcony of his luxury apartment in London. Ashraf Marwan, superspy, was dead at age One theory is that Marwan was a genuine spy for Israel, and the vengeful Egyptians killed him.

Yet to save face for having been infiltrated at the highest level by a Mossad spy, Egyptian officials gave Marwan a funeral befitting a national hero. He was not physically well, having undergone heart operations. Plus he had accumulated a considerable number of personal enemies. So he decided to end his life. Which side of the conflict was Marwan ultimately loyal to? And who caused his death? He gained a reputation as a mysterious man who did not play according to the rules of the City. Among others he was involved in the failed attempt by Tiny Rowland to take over the House of Fraser — a group of department stores, whose jewel in the crown was Harrods, where the English aristocracy used to shop.

In at the time of a dispute for control of Chelsea FC between sitting [23] chairman Ken Bates and Matthew Harding , it was revealed in the media that Dr Marwan owned 1. Marwan continued working for the Mossad until and was handled throughout the period by his single case officer, Dubi. Bregman's source was Maj. Marwan married Mona Abdel Nasser in the s. The cause of death was traumatic aortic rupture following a fall from the balcony of his fifth-floor apartment. News reports indicate that the Metropolitan Police Service increasingly believe Marwan was murdered, a belief also held by Marwan's elder son, Gamal.

Marwan's funeral in Egypt was led by Egypt's highest-ranked religious leader, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy , and attended by, amongst others, Gamal Mubarak , son of the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. According to President Mubarak, "Marwan carried out patriotic acts which it is not yet time to reveal.

One witness, who was on the third floor of a nearby building, told police that he saw two men "wearing suits and of Mediterranean appearance" appear on the balcony moments after Marwan's fall, look down, and then return inside the apartment. Police are also reported to have lost Marwan's shoes, which could hold clues on whether or not Marwan jumped from the balcony.

Marwan is the fourth Egyptian of note to die in London in a similar manner.

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At the time of the investigation, Marwan's wife said she believed that Mossad was behind his death. However, an analysis in The Guardian found this scenario to be unlikely: "For one thing, killing a former agent after his name is revealed would seem to be a major disincentive for new recruits. Even if Israel believed that Marwan was a double agent, working for the Egyptians, better to do nothing and, through their silence, imply he was faithful to their cause.

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Egyptian journalist Amr Ellissy conducted an investigation into Marwan's death for his documentary series Ekhterak , broadcast on Egyptian television in six episodes on the first anniversary of Marwan's death. Ekhterak was filmed in Marwan's London apartment and included interviews with his son, a witness, and acquaintances of Marwan.

The British magazine Private Eye also followed the story closely and suggested that there was considerable cause for suspicion surrounding the circumstances of Marwan's death. In , Salon Productions purchased the rights to turn the book into a feature documentary. Bar-Joseph's book addresses whether Marwan was a genuine spy or a double agent.

"The Angel" Reviewed: Missed opportunity in overly sentimental spy-thriller

Coffey states that it persuasively "argues that the nature of the intelligence Marwan gave the Israelis was simply too destructive of Egyptian interests" for Marwan to have been a double agent and that it offers "a convincing defense" against the claim that the intelligence he provided was "late, flawed, and of little practical use". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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