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From the Christian perspective, Peterson is also difficult to reconcile with orthodoxy. His interpretive approach to the Bible tends toward the gnostic. Influenced by people such as Jung, as has been mentioned, Peterson sees Scripture in purely philosophical and psychological terms. Not that this is entirely a wrong thing to do, but he does not see it as at all historical. Again, while there may certainly be many helpful comparisons to be drawn between humans and animals, sometimes it can go a little too far.

The problems of humans are not just the problems of lobsters writ large. To be fair to Peterson, he is not some Darwinian determinist, like atheist commentators Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett. Quite often he subordinates science to the greater truths of art, philosophy, and religion. Peterson is not afraid to talk about the human soul and spiritual values. He also maintains a strong moral sensibility which. Michael Plato Ph. His research interests are often cross-disciplinary and include the history of Christian philosophy, contemporary Continental philosophy, the philosophy of media and popular culture, and the future of humanity.

At the last second Achilles allows his childhood comrade, Patroclos, to grab his armor and fight to save the day. Patroclos does so but at the cost of his life, leading Achilles to blame himself and go berserk on the battlefield in his attempt to satisfy his bloodlust, bitterness, and grief.

There Homer has Achilles play the role of a god, but only that of Hades who presides over the dead. Nothing seems more heretical in these times than asserting that the West has proved the most interesting and resourceful civilization in the history of mankind. At the fountainhead of that civilization stand two great epics of Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey, and the Bible. Books that birth a civilization are rare. Reading them should be, prima facie, worth a lifetime of effort and reflection. End of argument. The West began by reflecting on these very issues and then transcending current conclusions.

So foreign to our contemporary culture is the warrior world of Achilles, Agamemnon, Hector, and the Olympian gods. The central figure, Achilles, is a demigod warrior who — unjustly dishonored by his ally, Agamemnon — turns on his friends, and watches in cold, calculating hatred as the enemy nearly decimates his former allies. Achilles, the son of Peleus and the goddess, Thetis, has inherited a transhuman condition so longed for by trendy thinkers and popular movie culture today. At the very outset of Western culture, Homer has provided us with an opportunity to experience vicariously what it would be like to be singularly transhuman and to ask: Is this really what we would want?

Stephen A. We see neither a politics obsessed with punishing unjust abuse of power nor with an unjust reliance on mere power, but rather a legitimate hierarchical society suffused with multiple hierarchies based upon competence in various human skills and activities: society as an orchestrated contest for excellence. Homer offers this alternative vision as genuine civilization at its finest.

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Perhaps it is even an ancient voice from our origins that hints in profound ways at the biblical meaning of humanness, of our longing for justice, and of the potential heights of human civilization itself. To be fully transhuman one would have to exist like an Olympian Zeus — immortal but solitary, powerful but friendless, no one his genuine equal. By contrast, to be merely human means mortality and guaranteed suffering, but as Achilles learns, such suffering provides a common bond among mortals.

Such nobility is distinctly human, something no Olympian can experience, and therefore rare and precious. Not without its own pathos, Homer depicts Zeus alone on Mount Ida contemplating the warring armies of humans below. Human existence, though tragic, is a worthy object for divine contemplation. Achilles learns that being human is enough.

Arguably, this is the center of the Iliad: how it is that an extraordinary, godlike hero can psychologically turn on his friends and community, and coldly calculate their demise without remorse. Blinded by such pride, social justice warriors, like Achilles, effortlessly justify the destruction of thousands as part of their moral crusade: Fiat justitia ruat caelum! As the 20th century has proven, social justice warriors, when sufficiently empowered, end like Achilles and Hades in presiding godlike over their numberless dead.


Shumaker Ph. Much of his work centers on the comparison and contrast between various worldviews as articulated in the Bible and various Great Books of the Western world. Modern conservatism can be broken down into several predominant ideologies: traditional conservatism, libertarianism, religious conservatism, neoconservatism, and a hybrid American conservatism. Those attuned to the modern debate amongst these groups can rightly ask whether or not there is a tie that binds them together.

For Kirk, developing a cogent theory of conservatism was important in the wake of the rising influence of modern liberal political theory, which had transformed political thought from the time of the Enlightenment. In his mind, modern political theorists had made a radical, and incorrect, departure from traditional philosophy in four key ways:. His survey begins with Edmund Burke and continues to midth century thinkers.

What is conservatism and what are those who claim the label of conservative actually seeking to conserve? These questions are as important today as they were nearly seven decades ago, when Kirk began an exploration into the concerns which culminated in his dissertation and ultimately his important work: The Conservative Mind. In order to confront this pivot, Kirk thought it essential to answer the questions about what conservatism actually is.

Kirk believed that to understand America, a study of Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and London form the bedrock for development of the traditions and customs that culminated in the American founding. Kirk was greatly influenced by the 18th century Catholic political writer Orestes Brownson, whose influential book The American Republic developed a theory about societies holding two constitutions, one written and one unwritten. The written constitution is the law ordained by the nation or people instituting and organizing the government; the unwritten constitution is the real or actual constitution of the people consisting of the long-standing traditions, mores, and customs.

Kirk draws extensively from Brownson by arguing that constitutions rely heavily on historical experience and are the product of gradual development. To understand America properly, this contextual development is essential. It was these traditions that were under attack and in need of restoration and protection. For Kirk, the culmination of these cultural and political traditions are the essence of conservatism.

These permanent things guarantee against arbitrary interference by the state. In fact, he possessed a degree of restrained optimism for America. The only true equality is moral equality; all other attempts at leveling lead to misery and state-sanctioned tyranny. Modern attempts at economic leveling are not economic progress. When we separate property from private possession, liberty is lost. Man is too often governed by emotion more than by reason. When Kirk began his exploration of the nature of conservatism in the s, most academics concluded that there was little tying these groups together, instead believing that they were mostly disparate thinkers, largely writing in isolation from one another.

Eliot were operating in isolation from each other. The Conservative Mind demonstrates convincingly that there had been. Greg Schaller is the president of the John Jay Institute, a post-baccalaureate fellowship program based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, devoted to the cultivation of principled Christian leaders. What many believe to be the latest definable generation has arrived on the population scene. Seventy million youth born between and make up what is referred to as Generation Z Gen Z.

As history portends, the men of Issachar 1 Chronicles understood the times and what Israel ought to do. These chiefs, with all their relatives under their command, joined David for battle at Hebron to return Israel to godly leadership and influence. Each chapter focuses on numerous Gen Z characteristics — many revealing stark atheistic realities wrapped with heart-wrenching comprehensions. White delivers a thoroughly researched and well-studied narrative detailing the most significant cultural challenges ever to arrive on the doorstep of the Western church and its extended Christian community.

It is the one area of Christian thought that is most challenged by the world in which we live. However, there is little historical reference when searching for creedal positions on the doctrine of humanity and a consensus apologetic that addresses created sexual origins and their continuance, stem cell research, human cloning, and gender identity. Performing as both pastor and counselor, White succinctly describes each Gen Z characteristic in the early pages.

He cajoles the reader to be intentional in knowing how to live during these times, knowing what and how to think, how to act or not act, and the manner in which to live. White then compels the reader to embrace this appointed era with a situational responsibility to be educated, straightforward, and winsomely engaged. The church, and its by-product of Christian higher education, is being forced to run into, or run from, these cultural discussions and debates.

To note: Dr. White includes three talks appendices taken from his time as a senior pastor at Mecklenburg Community Church in North Carolina. The first appendix addresses gay marriage. I believe the men of Issachar would have done so as well. White has delivered an engaging, compassionate, grace-laced and data-filled pageturner, one that describes a generation that. Eric Hogue M. He oversees all university fundraising efforts including campaigns for annual, capital, endowment, planned gifts, alumni, parents, and athletics. He is known for his roles as a former political candidate, practicing theologian and pastor, and longtenured radio, television, and media professional.

Your Freedom Came From? Alexis de Tocqueville visited America in and published the two volumes of his Democracy in America in and In the now-famous book he offered astute observations and keen insights into what made democracy and freedom work so well. In these chapters, Guinness raises important points about the Hebrew Exodus as the template of freedom, society, personhood, and justice, and about biblical covenants as the model of the best governments. This is a timely and local issue for Colorado Christian University, as we are located just minutes down the road from the Masterpiece Cakeshop, whose owner, Jack Phillips, recently won a United States Supreme Court case on religious freedom, but who still faces persecution.

However, that would be a utopian and unskeptical, narrow view. Thus, the atheist may be seeking public approval, may seek to give in order to get, may even be seeking to be thought of as a purely motivated atheist, etc. These militant, society stepping in , tactics seem to overlook the fact that children are referred to as such due to cultural and social consideration and not primarily theological.

For instance, Judaism has Bar Mitzvahs when a child becomes an adult and makes a commitment to the faith. Likewise, various forms of Christianity have confirmation. What is the logical conclusion of this atheistic agenda? This is the same twisted thinking that drove Stalin, Hitler and Mao et al.

But Christians are fighting back. One of the great mission fields that is gaining momentum today is child evangelism. This group is being reached in public schools through Bible clubs, for example. Specialized and innovative tracts for children have been developed.

Much more needs to be done. It is imperative for Christians to reach children before secularists do, and not after. This section will not reflect what one would expect in considering the particular arguments that atheists raise against the existence of God. The reason for not focusing on particular arguments is that they all have something in common.

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Thus, it seemed most important to focus on the commonality so that it may be detected within any of their arguments. These are all theological statements because they are premised upon presupposed attributes of God. Yet, this statement, though admittedly fictional, is based upon typical atheist statements.

And it is premised upon various theological assertions: God is, would or should be omnipotent. God is, would or should be loving. Loving means not allowing pain, evil, or suffering. God would or should either not allow it or would or should eradicate it based on our preferred schedules, etc. Rather, the atheist considers what is and what is not, what does and does not occur and only then makes statements as to what God would or should do, knowing that those things do not occur this is all generally speaking since, for example, the atheist would claim that God does not perform miracles even though God does so.

Following are some examples of relevant questions:. Religion and theology have consistently failed to overcome this objection. It is called this because it is a Sunday School level question and one that Sunday School children are able to answer before achieving puberty. To elucidate a bit, in the next section we will consider the cosmological argument which makes clear that everything that begins to exist has a sufficient cause. Since God never began to exist, God did not have a cause. Since time began to exist, time had a cause. Since time began to exist, whatever caused time is timeless aka infinite or eternal.

It is the linear time that we experience that makes cause and effect relationships possible: an effect follows a cause. Note, however, that atheists have no problem believing in an uncaused first cause, at least when it is not supernatural, but Nature, as they promulgate the following assertions:. This section will be as irregular as the previous in that it provides the most basic sketch of various arguments. An argument proposed by Ronald Nash is known as the argument from numbers. This is how Ronald Nash explained it:.

I would then explain that such symbols are not really the number we are seeking but are only convenient ways we use to refer to the real number one. No wise person should ever confuse a symbol for something with the thing itself. So what then is the number one? The first step is to recognize that the number one is a concept. The next step is to ask where the concept of oneness exists.

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The idea of oneness, like all ideas, exists in minds. The third step is to note that the number one is eternal. If someone has trouble with this claim, ask when the number one began to exist. Not only has the number one always existed, it is impossible for the number one ever to change. If the number one were ever changed, it would cease to be the number one. After all, if the idea of oneness changed, let us say, into the number two, then it would no longer be the number one.

So where are we? I believe we can show many people that the concept of oneness is an eternal and unchanging idea that exists in some mind. And, the only kind of mind in which this kind of eternal and unchanging idea could exist must be an eternal and unchanging mind. When I reach this point in my little example, some student in the back of the classroom usually raises his hand and asks if I am talking about God.

This argument is very interesting in that it can be employed in the service of various considerations. Despite this, some atheists claim that the way that science disproves the immaterial or supernatural is by increasingly finding material causes for material effects. However, this does not trouble the Christian because God created the material realm and it follows logically that material effects will have material causes and such causes and effects do not exclude the immaterial or supernatural such as God, or miracles.

Such atheists have restricted their thought processes and thus, would have to deny a miracle or appearance of God even if it took place before their very eyes. Or they may, also without evidence, appeal to hallucination even if numerous people witnessed the same event, such as the Resurrection of Jesus, 66 hallucinations occur within the brain and thus, are not shared. Or they might simply be satisfied with thinking that they will never know. Both attempt to understand the manner in which the trick was performed.

One will go beyond that and seek to ascertain the characteristics of the magician by considering the method of the trick. Science gives satisfaction to the curious because of its explanatory scope. In this book I shall suggest that the reverse is the case: that when in the sixteenth century people began to read the Bible in a different way, they found themselves forced to jettison traditional conceptions of the world. In sum, the Bible and its literal interpretation have played a vital role in the development of Western science.

So it is rather ironic today that many connect science with atheism. It is really a Christian enterprise. Atheists often argue that miracles cannot occur because the laws of nature , or natural laws , are immutable. By a conveniently self-serving inference they further argue that since miracles do not occur, the supernatural, God, must not exist. One question to keep in mind is whether we have discovered all of the laws of nature. That is, is our knowledge complete? In order to answer in the affirmative we must first presuppose that we know all of the laws.

Assuming that we do, we must further assume that we know of every possible action and interaction of these laws in every possible scenario and in every possible combination. In such a case, God, who not only invented them but who lives outside of their influence, can manipulate them. In fact, without such laws we would be unable to detect miracles. A rope and a helicopter do not violate this principle, but add another force to the system.

However, since God created the laws of nature, God holds the patent on them, has the template of them, God put them into place and can manipulate them—like a guitarist who strings the guitar can place them in any order, can tighten or loosen them as he pleases and can thereby make the strings produce whatever pitch he pleases. One-time atheist, C. The basic atheist opinion on miracles is certainly that they do not occur. But beyond dismissing all miracle claims out of hand, atheists are likely to, without evidence, claim that what are thought to be miracles are, in reality, merely the outworking of natural laws in rare and unexpected ways.

Considering this view, one can only wonder how or why any atheist would deny any miracle claim. As to the issue of how life began on earth, various theories have been proposed and various experiments have been carried out.

DNA cannot do its work, including forming more DNA, without the help of catalytic proteins, or enzymes. To those pondering the origin of life, it is a classic chicken-and-egg problem: Which came first, proteins or DNA? Joyce of the Research Institute of Scripps Clinic]: they only replicate in highly artificial, unnatural conditions, and, even more important, they reproduce too accurately. Without mutation, the molecules cannot evolve in the Darwinian sense. Orgel agrees. Free hydrogen would have escaped into space …. If the surface of the earth is a frying pan, Miller says, a hydrothermal vent is the fire ….

Cairns-Smith … proposes that life arose on a solid substrate that occurs in vents and almost everywhere else, but he prefers crystalline clays to pyrite … Unlike some origin-of-life theorists, Cairns-Smith cheerfully admits the failings of his pet hypothesis: no one has been able to coax clay into something resembling evolution in a laboratory; nor has anyone found anything resembling a clay-based organism in nature. Yet he argues that no theory requiring organic compounds to organize and replicate without assistance is likely to fare any better. In modern times Hoyle and … Sri Lankan astronomer N.

Chandra Wickramasinghe … continue to promulgate this notion … About a decade ago Orgel and Crick … speculating that the seeds of life were sent to the earth in a spaceship by intelligent beings living on another planet … intent: to point out the inadequacy of all explanations of terrestrial genesis. Note that one year after the publication of this article, Scientific American February , pp. Stanley Miller, of the Miller—Urey experiment fame or infamy—see Why the Miller Urey research argues against abiogenesis , seems to have a succinct and colorful manner by which to categorize each proposed theory:.

Some points to ponder, points which will ultimately refute any successful abiogenesis experiments were actually expressed within the article, did you notice them?

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Indeed, just like any and all experiments that have ever taken place, successful abiogenesis experiments would only prove purposeful creation. Experiments are conceived of in the minds of highly trained and intelligent scientists who entertain the thought, conceive of the experiment, carry out experiments utilizing equipment produced by highly trained and intelligent engineers for a preconceived purpose, they manipulate conditions, etc.

Thus, the end result of any and every experiment is the product of the handiwork of preexisting beings who created their results. However, if an experiment could be conceived where the conditions realistically reproduced possible conditions on Earth during the origin of life, and this experiment produced a self-reproducing entity life , then this would be impressive. No one has done such experiment and nor is anyone likely to.

Computer simulations also suffer from programmers pre-ordaining the outcomes. A program that truly simulated abiogenesis needs to operate without intelligent oversight from the programmer to direct it towards a desired outcome. Sometimes this influence is subtle, but it is still there. See: Genetic algorithms do they show that evolution works? Evolutionists, when candid about abiogenesis admit that the prospects for demonstrating that it could have happened are not good, to say the least.

For much more on the impossibility of the naturalistic origin of life, see: Origin of Life Questions and Answers. Of course we could also show that evolution neo-Darwinism, viz. This is accomplished by various methods; from making atheistic statements in textbooks that have nothing to do with science, to attempts to dictate the rules of academia, including the blacklisting of those who disagree with certain theories which are considered orthodox , to co-opting the entire educational apparatus in order to infuse atheism in the form of humanism or … —a rose by any other name.

In their textbook Biology: Discovering Life 2nd ed. Neil Campbell and Jane Reece made the following logical blunder whilst, for some odd reason, arguing against design in their textbook Biology 6th ed. Is my car really not intelligently engineered because it requires maintenance and it falls apart as it ages? Ironically, the human knee is actually a wonderful example of intelligent design, 80 as is the human spine, and evolutionary ideas about back pain resulted in treatments that made problems worse.

In his textbook Evolutionary Biology 3rd ed. Thus according to this worldview philosophy masquerading as biology, studying bio-organisms logically and scientifically leads to the conclusion that God is irrelevant. Neil deGrasse Tyson director of the Hayden Planetarium appears to consider science to be a missionary field whereby he seeks converts ,. It will undoubtedly be a long, arduous, painful struggle replete with much sorrow and many tears, but humanism will emerge triumphant.

It must if the family of humankind is to survive. Since any successful proselytizing crusade needs an evil against which to rail, Richard Dawkins has identified the evil ones as non-atheist scientists and creationists. He correlates creationism with Nazism and any evolutionist who is not as zealous as he for Darwinism, he sees as creationist appeasers, whom he correlates with Adolf Hitler. Some have even co-opted science and evolution so that it is not merely method and theory but that which seeks to answer deep philosophical questions.

With regards to this and various other considerations; is it any wonder that Stephen Jay Gould wrote,. Thus, atheists end up viewing humans, life in general, the earth, the galaxy and—the entire universe and everything in it—as the results of a long sequence of accidents.

Yet, this is because they have chosen to view the universe and everything in it through a lens science that was never meant to be used for the purpose of worldview formation. Science is not a worldview; it is a method of discovering things about the natural world. It is no wonder that their worldview is myopic. The way that he, and many others, seem to apply this sentiment is that as long as he can make up stories about how things may have, could have, or perhaps according to his worldview should have , happened which are materialistic and make no reference to God whatsoever, he is satisfied.

The response was, in part,. A miracle, in other words, if it occurs at all, is a tremendous stroke of luck. But something a bit like it surely did happen. Misia Landau has detected narratives parading as scientific theory. Following are some of her observations:. Treating scientific theories as fictions may even be a way of arriving at new theories … In science, too, telling new stories will require skill as well as imagination. Scientific stories, to be sure, but stories nevertheless. Taking into consideration just about any and every form of health: mental, emotional, physical and even societal, theists are healthier and happier than atheists and, as we saw above, more charitable.

Very informative studies have been conducted in the area of charity; one particularly interesting one was conducted by a Syracuse University Professor of Public Administration Ph. The study was reported upon as follows:. Brooks says. Johnson, a sociology professor and co-director of the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University, says he recently gathered data that show similar results—such as high levels of civic engagement among religious people—while assembling a report on faith in America that was released in September [].

Religious liberals give nearly as much as religious conservatives, Mr. Brooks found. And secular conservatives are even less generous than secular liberals … religious people, on average, give 54 percent more per year than secular people to human-welfare charities.

Even when church-based giving is subtracted from the equation, active-faith adults donated twice as many dollars last year as did atheists and agnostics. Yet, most of the Americans who overtly reject faith harbor doubts about whether they are correct in doing so. Many of the most ardent critics of Christianity claim that compassion and generosity do not hinge on faith; yet those who divorce themselves from spiritual commitment are significantly less likely to help others.

Unaffiliated subjects were younger, less often married, less often had children, and had less contact with family members. In terms of clinical characteristics, religiously unaffiliated subjects had more lifetime impulsivity, aggression, and past substance use disorder. No differences in the level of subjective and objective depression, hopelessness, or stressful life events were found. This translates into a seven-year difference in life expectancy at age 20 between those who never attend and those who attend more than once a week. However, religious attendance also works through increased social ties and behavioral factors to decrease the risks of death.

And although the magnitude of the association between religious attendance and mortality varies by cause of death, the direction of the association is consistent across causes. Moreover, the benefits of weekly attendance persist with controls for sociodemographic characteristics, cardiovascular health, activities of daily living, cognitive functioning, physical mobility and functioning, social support, health behaviors, mental health, and subjective health … Our findings suggest that weekly church attendance may reduce the risk of mortality among older Mexican Americans.

Atheist bioethicist, Peter Singer , is too humane to eat a hamburger and advocates giving rights to great apes, but has no qualms about infanticide. Looking at the research evidence, it seems that those who celebrate the Christian meaning of Christmas are on the whole likely to be happier. Research shows that too much materialism in our lives can be terrible for happiness. Far from it: It might actually encourage new levels of mass superstition. It also shows that the irreligious and the members of more liberal Protestant denominations, far from being resistant to superstition, tend to be much more likely to believe in the paranormal and in pseudoscience than evangelical Christians ….

In his book The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener , skeptic and science writer Martin Gardner cited the decline of traditional religious belief among the better educated as one of the causes for an increase in pseudoscience, cults and superstition. He referenced a study published in the magazine Skeptical Inquirer that showed irreligious college students to be by far the most likely to embrace paranormal beliefs, while born-again Christian college students were the least likely. This seems rather bizarre, but many people who claim to believe in and even worship god s actually do not.

Atheists claim that atheist secularist societies are superior in every way. Let us consider two such claims which made quite a splash on the internet:. The definition of these terms is never discussed … Eighteen countries are included for data comparison; among those omitted without clear explanation are: Italy, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Obviously, in a sample of eighteen observations, inclusion or exclusion of only one or two observations can make a big difference in the results … At best, this is very sloppy statistical practice. Gilbreath further wrote about who Gregory S.

Paul is. Furthermore, George Gallup noted ,. The study, by psychology professor Dan P. McAdams and researcher Michelle Albaugh, was aimed at finding out about the religious sources of political leanings. Paul Vitz has provided some fascinating answers in his book, Faith of the Fatherless. One can perhaps come to various conclusions as to what it says about North Western University, the Los Angeles Times and perhaps a bit about the media and academia in general.

However, one need only look at the quality of life of people who have lived or live in states based on atheism to see that atheism is no basis for a just, caring, prosperous, secure society. Or we could think of Nazi Germany. See below for more on the fruits of atheism in political systems. Atheism has no moral imperative for honesty so it is not surprising that atheists figure prominently in fraud and deception, although it is difficult to find statistics on this issue.

There are many examples just in the history of the promotion of evolution. He made at least two other fraudulent claims regarding the origin of life and a non-existent ape-man. He helped lay the foundations for Nazism in Germany. Staff of Creation Ministries International had their reputations sullied by a deeply dishonest campaign conducted by an Australian Humanist of the Year. In the year , there were 38, Christians of twenty-one different varieties imprisoned for their crimes, compared to only atheists and sixty-two agnostics.

As Europe in general and the United Kingdom in particular have become increasingly post-Christian, this would appear to be a damning piece of evidence proving the fundamentally criminal nature of theists while demonstrating that atheists are indeed more moral despite their lack of a sky god holding them to account.

And this was not simply a case of people falling through the cracks or refusing to provide an answer; the Inmate Information System is specific enough to distinguish between Druids, Scientologists, and Zoroastrians as well as between the Celestial Church of God, the Welsh Independent church, and the Non-Conformist church. At only two-tenths of a percent of the prison population, High Church atheists are, as previously suggested, extremely law-abiding.

But when one compares the Census, April , Office for National Statistics. Michael Caputo, on Atheism and Divorce wrote:. Atheist web sites immediately announced the glorious news worldwide. This is hardly a sufficient sample to reach any reliable conclusion …. And for many, it is. The results are quite enlightening in further elucidating the topic of atheism and divorce. With regards to the correlation between atheism and Communism; it would be fallaciously simplistic to claim that atheism is the only motivating factor behind Communism and yet, it is certainly a major factor and the very premise upon which Communist ideology was built.

Let us simply consider the words of Communists leaders themselves and then the opinion of a major scholar in the research of Communism. In a very odd twisting of logic, atheist professor of philosophy Daniel Dennett argues that the atheist Stalin was a theist:. While this is utterly irresponsible, particularly for a professor of philosophy, may we not grant it and agree that every atheist is a theist who sees God in their own mirrors and thus, determined what is right and wrong?

Time Magazine , 17 Feb. Daniel J. The highlight of my time in law school - three years of varying degrees of dreariness and constant irritation was the visit of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The cheesy tra-la-la europop has hit a new low with this year's winner. The crowned queen of this year's contest is Conchita Wurst real name: Thomas Neuwirth , a bearded transvestite whose looks are nauseating and whose singing is revolting. Here in America you will see a lot of these murder cases: children killing parents, parents killing children, siblings rubbing out each other Last week, a brawl between supporters of a federalized Ukraine known in the Western media as "pro-Russian separatists" and supporters of the neo-nazi dominated Brown revolution known in the Western media as "pro-government demonstrators" escalated into a massacre.

In which I discuss the former Soviet Unions' elaborate preparations and rituals for drinking that famous elixir known as vodka. Final part of the interview between Srdja Trifkovic and Elena Chudinova. Elena Chudinova is a Russian traditionalist conservative author and publicist who is Russia's leading critic of Islam, mass non-European immigration, and a dedicated proponent of Russia's engagement with the European Right.

As someone who actually observes Passover fairly strictly, I have a few observations about the ridiculous, evil, and idiotic dechristianization campaign that has been taking place in America for the last few decades. The recent rebellion against Brown revolutionary rule in the eastern, Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine erupted in bloodshed today, with four pro-autonomy activists killed in the small city of Kramatorsk.

United States of America

The evidence of this mafia's power is evident in the constant howls of outrage that greet any disagreement, however mild, with homosexuality or the gay or is it "queer"? The main reason for the flurry of Syrian-related activity on the Internet was the ubiquitous SaveKessab campaign on social media websites Twitter and Facebook. Jonathan Pollard: Drug abusing fraud or Zionist hero? By Eugene Girin April 04, Recently, American Jewish naval intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard who is serving a life sentence for espionage in favor of Israel has reentered the news.

Apparently, the Obama administration is strongly considering his early release in exchange for Israeli concessions in the "peace process". Recent events in the United Kingdom, show that moral Britain is not only dead, in the words of our own Christie Davis, but buried and forgotten. A recent Gallup poll interviewed more than , people to determine which state is the "happiest". Residents of each state were asked various questions about work, social life, the availability of food, shelter, and healthcare, as well as physical and emotional health. The on-air resignation of RT the station formerly known as Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl I guess young journalists are too hip to use their full names anymore made tsunami waves in the American media.

English describes the ugly essence of the Brown Revolution. John "Invade the world, invite the world" McCain recently treated American television viewers to another of his trademark hysteric attacks on Russia. Several days ago, in conversation with Financial Times journalist Guy Chazan, Mustafa Dzhemilev, a Soviet-era Crimean Tatar dissident and the former chairman of the Crimean Tatar representative body warned that a bloody jihadist uprising will erupt if Crimeans dare to join Russia in the upcoming referendum.

With the Brown Revolution running into a war of Russian resistance in the Crimea, the pleasant Peninsula, forgotten for two decades after the fall of the Soviet Union is all of the sudden at the top of all media headlines and is being discussed by talking heads on both sides of the Atlantic.

A recent BBC article on the "far right" in Ukraine by David Stern is a perfect example of the mainstream media's effort to obfuscate and distort events in Ukraine to make the neo-nazis that dominated the anti-Yanukovych forces seem legitimate. The Brown Revolution leader most known, recognized, and respected by the West is former heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko. Unlike his allies Yatsenyuk and Tyahnybok, Klitschko's past makes him an unlikely participant in the neo-nazi led overthrow of legitimate rule in Ukraine. Taking the subway a few days ago, a subway ad grabbed my attention.

The radical organization "Right Sector" is the hidden force behind the armed overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych. Even the openly neo-nazi political party "Svoboda" led by the urologist-turned-aspiring fuhrer Oleh Tyahnybok seems almost respectable, compared to the militant thugs of "Right Sector". The most surprising thing about the ongoing Brown Revolution in Ukraine is neither the West's support for neo-nazis, nor its immediate acceptance of the armed, violent overthrow of a legitimate president, whose election four years ago was deemed valid by the Eurocrats and the State Department.

The cowardly collapse of Viktor Yanukovych's legitimate government and the triumph of the violent, bloodthirsty neo-nazi-dominated revolutionaries may spell the last throes of modern Ukraine. To the joy of traditionalists everywhere, the obscene-named punk feminist band's exploits in Sochi came to an inglorious end. One of the biggest accomplishments of the Sochi Olympics has been its role in dousing the fires of the unrest in Ukraine - a fiery sequence of events that took the woefully unstable country to the brink of civil war.

It's the neocons, with their misplaced ethnic baggage, that take the cake for their hateful remarks about Putin and Russia. The opening ceremony, which stunned and impressed the skeptical West, will probably be the most interesting part of the Sochi Olympics. The ceremony was Putin's Russia's attempt to re-introduce herself to the world and show that it's neither the old Soviet Union, nor the wrecked, pitiful Russia of Yeltsin. Anatoly Gladilin next shares his experience with the baleful reality of French public schools.

His daughter Liza was attending school with Nastya, the daughter of Pravda's Paris correspondent. I recently stumbled onto a short, but excellent book by Soviet dissident author Anatoly Gladilin who moved to Paris in during the strongest days of Brezhnev and worked for Radio Liberty. Seems like they had enough of Mr. Invite the World, Invade the World's support of amnesty for illegals, Obamacare, and "assaults on the Constitution and the 2nd amendment". John "Invade the World, Invite the World" McCain is one of the loudest supporters of the anti-Russian, pro-EU forces in Ukraine, who are in armed rebellion against the legitimate if bumbling and corrupt , government of Viktor Yanukovych.

After the last two blog posts, several readers and acquaintances asked me to recommend some books on the topic of demonic possession and exorcism. Over the last few years, I read several non-fiction books on the topic.

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  • Lesson Plans Faith of My Fathers.
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  • 1. Definition of “Atheism”.
  • Schlechte Medizin: Ein Wutbuch (German Edition);
  • As I've mentioned in my previous blog entry, until I watched "The Exorcist" in late high school, I was more or less skeptical about the possibility of demonic possession. However, I did witness, what I to this day believe was an exorcism as a child in post-Soviet Moldova. Blatty, the descendant of Lebanese Maronite Catholics is world-famous for his chilling and yet uplifting novel "The Exorcist", which he later adapted into an Academy Award-winning screenplay.

    The recent passing of "poet" Amiri Baraka set in motion an outpouring of grief by the mainstream media. The taxpayer-funded NPR called him "one of America's most important literary figures" and called his legacy "achingly beautiful". Turkey's Islamist PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has come out in support of the retrial of hundreds of military officers sentenced as part of the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer show trials. For the whole weekend I had the mis fortune of attending a Continuing Legal Education course at my old law school in order to remain in good standing with the venerable New York state bar.

    Now, most of the speakers were older attorneys in the personal injury field. French Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls recently drew howls of politically-correct outrage. Valls, who is according to the BBC, a rising star in Hollande's administration, said that the sociopathic Gypsy lifestyle, based on chicanery and the avoidance of socially acceptable work, is "clearly in confrontation" with the lifestyle of the French.

    Just a few days ago, I heard some attorneys lamenting that we in this country, don't have a three day weekend every week, "like they do in France". I smirked into my Kindle, not wanting to cause a tropical downpour on the poor devils' parade.