Australian Flavour - Traditional Australian Cuisine

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Use them to make a dressing for seafood, particularly oysters, and add to cocktails.

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Illawarra plum also known as Daalgaal and Gidneywallum has bright purple fruit and a plum wine flavour. Add the plums to desserts, such as tarts or cakes, or use to make jams. Kakadu plums have been identified as the richest source of vitamin C on the planet.

Our top 10 most iconic Australian foods

Use them in jams, syrups and sauces. Kutjera is also known as the desert raisin or bush tomato and is part of the tomato family. Of the varieties of wild tomatoes in Australia, only six are edible. Kutjera are full of vitamin C and are a rich source of potassium. Kutjera can be made into sauces and relishes, and dried and added to herb mixtures. Lemon myrtle is a versatile herb with a fresh, lemon-lime flavour.


It can be ground and dried or used fresh. Marsdenia also known as the bush banana, kurgula, langkwe or myakka has many edible parts, from the avocado-shaped fruit that tastes similar to snow peas to the stem, young leaves and even the sap. The young leaves are great in salads while the fruit is delicious boiled and tossed with butter, pepper and herbs.

Molucca raspberries look very much like European varieties and have a soft, sweet flesh. As you would regular raspberries, use in jams and sweets. Mountain pepper also called Tasmanian pepper is much like regular pepper, however both the pepperberries and the leaves are edible. You can use mountain pepper as you would any other pepper. The dark berries can infuse sauces with a rich, plum colour.

Muntries, also referred to as muntharis, have an apple-like flavour and Aboriginal tribes often ground them into a paste to make into fruit bars.

Evolution of Australian Cuisine

Muntries work well with both sweet and savoury flavours — add them to fruit salads or marinades. Native thyme can easily be grown in the home garden and can be used as you would regular thyme; however, a little does go a long way, so use sparingly. Add it to marinades, spice rubs and to flavour sauces.

Passion berries are part of the native tomato family but have a sweeter, fruitier flavour than the kutjera. Yellow in colour, the berries taste like a medley of banana, caramel and vanilla. Add them to fruit salads or use to make sweet syrups and jams. Quandongs are highly nutritious, bursting with twice the vitamin C of an orange.

These fruits are delicious in everything from sweet pies to savoury sauces for meats. Riberry, often called lilli pilli, are small reddish-pink fruits, with a sweetly tart flavour, that are bursting with essential minerals. Add to ice-creams and chocolate treats. It's also great in savoury dishes.

Australian Food, the Most Iconic Australian Cuisine

Add to roast lamb or use to make a jelly for roasts. Salt bush has become incredibly popular in the high-end restaurants of Australia. This nutritional bush has many uses, from salads to stir-fries, and can also be added to pasta dishes. Sea parsley often called sea celery is a close relation to European parsley and looks incredibly similar. Thriving in composted seaweed and often submerged by salt water, this native parsley has a distinctive sea-fresh flavour. Use it in spice mixtures, dressings and marinades for seafood. Tanami apple is another member of the bush tomato, which produces large, golf ball-sized fruit with a melon-flavoured flesh and bitter black seeds.

Scoop out the seeds and fill the fruit with cheese and spices before barbecuing. Wattle is familiar to most Australians, and not all the seeds are edible, but those that are have a range of uses in the kitchen.

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These protein-rich seeds can be cooked into breads and cakes, added to spice mixtures and rubs, and can even be roasted and added to desserts. Cooking ideas! Glossy pearls that zing - native lime packs a punch It looks a little like fish roe but tastes like citrus: the native finger lime is one of Australia's national treasures.

Blackened mackerel with lemon myrtle and finger lime "The spice mix on this fish has been used for centuries in Sri Lanka and it is earthy and spicy. The result was two ancient cultures blending harmoniously through food.

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Chef Mark Olive puts an Australian twist on the traditional lamb shank by using wallaby and Australian native spices. Kutjera, also known as desert raisin or bush tomato, is a sweet and tangy native spice that works well in stews like this. This veal dish uses Warrigal greens that are native to the east coast of Australia, but can be substituted with English spinach. Chef Mark Olive recommends flattening the veal out to 5mm thick with a mallet to make the rolling process easier.

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The diversity of ‘Australian’ cuisine

Burdekin plums Burdekin plums are closely related to mangoes and can be eaten raw, added to salads or even use to make wine and liqueurs. Brush cherries Brush cherries have a pink blush and a crisp, refreshing texture. Bush cucumber Bush cucumber is a vine-bearing small, green fruit. Golden Gaytime is a delicious ice cream snack made up of vanilla and toffee dipped in chocolate and wrapped in biscuit cookie crumbs. The treat recently became available in tub format, and there are several different flavors to try.

The more adventurous travelers out there will definitely want to try kangaroo meat.

Australia’s cuisine culture: a history of our food

Kangaroo meat is very healthy. You can find it in everything from hamburgers to steaks, sausages, and even pizza. Its taste is most often described as similar to venison. As you can see, Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to food. One of the best ways to try all of these amazing Australian foods is by exploring the country in an RV. RVing is an option popular with both travelers and locals alike. Nathan, Gotta love that Vegemite sandwich — Catchy tune as well!

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Americans Try Australian Food (Aussie Reacts)

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