Hexenkräfte gegen Asmodis Teil 5 von 8 (German Edition)

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Never let the answer to the question lie as-is. If someone gives you the answer, what are you going to do with it? Pounce on it, especially if it might have anything to do with the solution you are providing. In addition, if it is personal, they are going to like the fact that you are centering in on their problems. Can you explain that?

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That is interesting — what about it? I have seen this before — what issues are you having specifically? You said that people love personal attention. If you ask them to share their issues with you, they likely will, and you will separate yourself from others who do what you do because most people never bother to ask, and more often than that, never respond to the answers.

Do it, and you win customers for life that will tell other people about the good experience. Oh, and, I did read that comment, and you hit the nail on the head. Surveys done wrong suck, and most surveys are done wrong. One of the best ways to get attention is to pick a fight with someone or some idea, make it as public as possible. It is a great schtick.

I never pick fights for the sake of picking fights though. Hi, I love the idea of asking and responding to a question in your email campaign. How would this work with an autoresponder programme or do you not use this type of emailing marketing? Maybe I should mimic this? Seriously tho… My biz is super personal. I develop long lasting relationships with my clients that show results and includes trust and authenticity.

Nothing was gelling, but my focus on the web was minimal. The sun is coming out! I love this dude… This is exactly what I am lacking from my free email series… I tell people to reply to me and share their stories or how they are doing with something, but that is WAY not focused enough…. Big help man, thanks. Somewhat… Definitely on my way. I would LOVE to include you on an upcoming social media project my company is working on.

Think you have time for a short skype session to tell you about it? We are looking for experts in certain topics yours obviously being driving sales from social media interactions I think your know-how is SUPER valuable and I would really love to help spread your world and knowledge. Derek — Asking what your readers want right out of the gate at the beginning of the relationship is a really good approach.

Based on your simple recommendation, I am currently redesigning my home page.

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You are who you say you are, and do what you say you do. People doing what they say they will do is not exactly setting the bar low. It is difficult to always follow through consistently especially when one is dependent upon others for services to make that happen. The more complex a business is the more difficult it becomes to manage all of the parts to consistently deliver products and services. I greatly enjoy your blog and am working to apply many of your ideas to my site: Well, only way to get on my email list is by private links, and usually in the video — like on smart passive income — i mention it in the video.

Close your eyes 2. What are you most painful ADHD struggles? What survival guide, app or service do you want me to provide to relieve that pain? Just hit reply to respond, I read every email personally. Not only do you need to engage people, you should also take the opportunity to tell people what to expect from your newsletter. Thank you for signing up.

Also, I noticed you unsubscribed today! Was that an accident? But you gotta get out of my head! In a good way, of course. If not, probably in due time. I use tactics, and then I tell people I used them. The key is, make it genuine. It has to be genuine. If not, people can smell it on you. They can feel how passionate I am about helping them change their lives. I am thinking there is another core group of people who lie on your surveys — your competitors. I mean how many of us are subscribed to our competitors newsletetters to keep a watch of what they are doing?

I say a good percentage. What do you think? I think people lying in general is a much bigger problem. I am going to change my welcome email. I was wondering what you think of the question I was going to ask. Are you am attorney? Hit reply, and let me know. I like your suggestion better. Mel, in the case of a legal advice blog, the subscriber most likely has a particular problem on their mind and would welcome a speedy and personal response.

I love the synergy of this exchange. The question is straight forward and and personal. I would have thought building the relationship a little more may be necessary before you really get them to pour out their heart to you. I am absolutely using this in my next newsletter because I know what people value, but not what they would pay for. Perfect timing on this, Derek. I was just thinking about how I wanted to stop and ask my paid newsletter subscribers how they were getting on with the material, too slow or too fast?

So rather than send them a survey, I will ask them, right in the next newsletter, to tell me where they are and what their problems currently are. I think it means a lot to be an approachable marketer. I lie on surveys. I answer that yes, im the trendsetter, the heartbreaker, the smart one. People might not mean to intentionally lie… It might really be more a lie to themselves. But when actual third party perspective is involved you tend to see yourself in the eyes of the person opposite you, and end up spewing less bull.

I agree with you Derek in that simply asking people directly is far more effective than a survey because asking them feels more human. No survey will ever be as engaging as a conversation with another human. Its about nuturing and building relationships. Its actually the root of every business large or small. I think you are spot on. It is about offering something valuable but first you have to understand what issue it is that your audience need help or assistance on.

And although it is trite I still try to think about offering value not added value just the vanilla type. I have grown my practice by offering a helping hand. I will conform it for you.

What People Buy: How This One Simple Question Reveals Everything

I very much enjoy your webinars, thank you so much. Start Here Blog About. Mark Great read, something I do in 1 on 1 but never thought to do in a blog. Thanks for the insight. Cassandra Williams Thanks, I like find ways to connect with the people on my small list. Darren This opened my eyes to a lot.

Wendy A great read and a great question to ask in order to generate feedback. James Just found you yesterday and I like your methods.

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Holly I never lie on surveys — anyway. Would this be applicable to someone who is a local service provider? Rebecca This is a great article! Claire Hi Derek Are you suggesting putting the question in your first email to your list and then responding by creating and offering a specific product? Holly Oh me too, I replied and had no response.

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Joe Hassick Hi Derek, I ended up here because of your free ebook. Your blog is great. The podcasts are even better. Thanks for producing all of this content. It really does help. Chris Mullen I am enjoying your content Derek! It is very helpful. How about this question? The two questions that I thought of were Why is it so hard? There are some really great comments on here. I would love to get your thoughts. Connie Habash Derek, your tips are so clear and helpful. I really appreciate it! Kenda-Ruth I think I might be struggling with how you are able to answer all your emails—and still get other stuff done!

As always, Derek, great information. Allan Collins E-books that address specific areas of interest e. Lauren I am laughing about this one because I was 1 step ahead of what I have read of your content. Andy Bell Hi Derek I believe my service covers most of the things you mentioned earlier.

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Do you think people would pay for something they could do themselves? Amy I just took a survey sent out to about 30 people after an event. Samantha I think I would ask, What prevents you from doing what you actually want? Tom I have completed surveys with effort in the past, but I will admit to my friends here ; , I rarely do.

Do people tend to take advantage of that personal email connection? Woobie Woot… Well they do all the technique matters and pr-thing… Okay but remember you are what you do. That makes me loser each day. Adele Thanks for this great post. Rebecca Hey Derek You have such a great work ethic I really love how you keep tabs on everyone and have taken the time to reply to most comments. Harold I agree that beginning a personal dialogue with readers is a great step to take to connect. Professor Roberts With all of the Internet crimes taking place no one is trusting free offers.

Hexenkräfte gegen Asmodis Teil 7 von 8 (German Edition)

Birdie How do you get an email list from your twitter follower? Debra Russell You offer them incentive to go to your website and sign up for your email list — a free report, a free mp3 — a little taste of what you do. DerekMichael Hello Derek Great name by the way! Craig Cooper There is an excellent book called Consumerology by Philip Graves that deals with just this subject. Anyway, as always a fantastic post! Pamela What is going to be the most fun is creating different ways to ask the question?

Chandler Turner Classic transactional analysis as applied to the sales world by David Sandler and many others. Bryant On rereading this, I see that I submitted it without completing my thought. No pain, no sale. Bryant Great post, Derek. Questions that come to mind for her email welcome letter: Ruan Ebook Tutorials I am currently still learning to find the balance as to when and when not to use automation in my communication.

Do you have better question for me?? Debra Russell Well, my initial response is that the question is passive — rather than direct: Thanks for your input.. Jeff Herrmann Derek, after reading your blog for about 3 months I have found that all the comments are written in the same style from all the same people. Ideal for Corporate Team Building.

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If you need to fill a data-warehouse or want to create a transformation to feed a report, this book is a indispensable companion. The Pentaho Metadata Layer is a abstraction layer that provides Business Users a friendly way to query relational data sources. This data source greatly simplifies the query design process and makes your data accessible to your business users without drowning them in obscure technical query languages.

Data Integration tools are specialized in accessing even the most obscure data and to transform this data into other formats. With Pentaho Data Integration you are be able to design transformations that feed your report. This way you can combine multiple data sources like databases, web-service lookups, external files and more into a single normalized stream of data. The reporting engine can use that stream of data in a report.

These tools are analytical query tools aimed to provide a swift and efficient interactive view on the data stored in a OLAP cube. Both JPivot and Pentaho Analyzer are optimized for interactive analytical queries. The MDX query used by these tools can be fed into a Pentaho Report to produce a static view on this data. Pentaho Reporting is not and does not aim to be a replacement for Analytical clients. Free download.