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I found myself skipping through paragraphs of description, mostly the spells, cause it felt like a big info dump. You use playing cards because You use oil because I feel like I know more about calming oils and protection spells than I do the characters. Stacy starts having nightmares about something terrible happening to her friend Drea. She knows that they mean so From my blog, The Writer Diaries. She knows that they mean something because this has happened to her before with a child she babysat, Maura.

This time Stacy plans on preventing Drea's death. And here I was rooting for Drea to die. She is the worst kind of itch with a heavy case of B. She's a horrible, arrogant friend who believes 'whats mine is mine' including people. She even tells Stacy's crush that she wets her bed - we'll address this little problem later - all because she walked in their dorm and found them sleeping.

Fully clothed. A parent would get angry. Your best friend should not, especially since she isn't dating that guy anymore. But alas, Drea thinks he and every other guy in school, belong to her. Honestly, I don't know why Stacy tried so hard to be her friend.

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I wouldn't want anything to do with her with how she treats people. I kept getting the vibe this was set in the 90s, what with all the payphones, and a mention of a walkman. It seems unbelievable that only one student at this wealthy prep school has a cell phone, so I'm going to guess it was 90s. Oh, and Stacy is a bedwetter. There's nothing wrong with it, but did the author really have to address it every. I couldn't go two pages without Stacy peeing all over herself. Honey, get that checked out. It was explained in the book, but the author doing it over and over again for a total of 9 million times in the book is overdone.

I read more about peeing than a plot. And character development! I knew the first time they introduced Donovan he would be the one. His obsession made it obvious. There wasn't any doubt in my mind. No suspense. No characterization.

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Did I mention that I was rooting for the killer to kill everyone? Because they are all horrible characters. On Amazon, it DID say it was for ages I'll leave this to the middle schoolers. Once upon a time I enjoyed books regardless of what they lacked. Oct 12, Wren [t he y] rated it really liked it Shelves: theme-death , atmosphere-creepy , theme-kidnapped , young-adult-general , theme-dreams , characters-wiccan , halloween-book-challenge Stacey is a junior at a boarding school, a witch, and has been having nightmares about one of her best friends. In these nightmares, it is undeniable that Drea, her friend, is in trouble, and she soon worries that these dreams may come true when strange gifts and phone calls start arriving.

Stacey uses the magic that her grandmother taught her with hopes to reveal who is behind all of this. But will she be able to unravel the messages in time? So the first thing I'll say is that this book is rather short, but the length works for the story. I was worried that it might be too short and that the ending could be rushed, but it was paced well and I enjoyed it quite a bit. When I started this book I was expecting more of a paranormal or supernatural mystery, but instead what I got was more of a contemporary story with religious or realistic magic. Stacey wasn't the kind of witch who can summon lightning from her fingertips, rather she uses candle magic and reads cards for divination.

I really liked this aspect of the story. Most of the witch or magic books that I come across, especially in the young adult genre or range, are more mystical and based in the witches and warlocks of fairy tales and movies. The mystery itself, of who was targeting Drea, was suspenseful and interesting but to be honest, it didn't feel very original. I was also somewhat disappointed with the ending and who turned out to be the culprit. Their motive didn't make much sense to me, it seemed slightly over the top for the situation.

I thought the villain seemed kind of stupid, actually, for thinking that they could get what they wanted through scaring Drea? I can't say much else with spoiling it. I will be looking for her books in the future, however, I won't be absolutely rushing to get the sequels. I feel like while I like her books, I'm not absolutely blown away. I recommend this book to people who want to read a more realistic or diverse portrayal of magic! If you want a YA mystery, you may enjoy this one.

Sep 14, Basyirah rated it liked it. My initial rating would be 2 star but I changed my mind towards the ending because the suspense kept me on my toes. Personally, I didn't quite enjoy the book because the plot buildup was quite slow and messy in the beginning. It took me a while to understand if Stacey, the MC, was having a nightmare or was it like really happening in real life. I got a little confused, but then it got slightly better. It's a typical high school nonsense, falling in love with your best friend's on-and-off-and-on a My initial rating would be 2 star but I changed my mind towards the ending because the suspense kept me on my toes.

It's a typical high school nonsense, falling in love with your best friend's on-and-off-and-on again boyfriend, bitching about who's better at picking up boys, etc. And she's a witch. Hey, I dig this kind of story but maybe I'm letting emotional state affects my reading mood right now so yeah So Stacey had been having nightmares about Drea, her bff, getting into troubles and she was very convinced someone's trying to harm Drea.

But since Drea's the too cool for school kind of person, so they had several conflicts trying to figure out the nightmares. But then she started to receive "gifts" from a stalker guy and it freaked her out senseless and with the help of their other bff, Amber, they started to link event to event, trynna figure out who the stalker was. I'm just gonna say this straight. I thought Amber's a bitch at first then I realised that Drea's the bigger bitch. Also, if I were Stacey, I'd just walk away from this whole mess because hey I'm just trying to help why you gotta be so rude, you know?

Anyway, I'm glad she didn't walk away because the stalker was a goddamned psycho. The ending was quite good but there were some things unexplained Not that I expected anything a lie! The lovey dovey part of the story was so typical high school stuffs, too. But yeah, just the way I love it.

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I usually cringe and smile at the same time because I'm a sucker for cute stuffs like that. Guess I'll pick up the second book after all. I hope it gets better but what is life without a little disappointment, right? This is an enoyable, short mystery novel about a young witch who keeps seeing her best friend and roommate kidnapped in her dreams. She knows that these dreams are really premonitions and decides to do whatever she needs to do in order to stop her friend from dying. Over the course of the novel, several predictions she make end up coming true: she does a cartomancy reading like tarot, with regular cards and everything unfolds the way the reading predicts.

In addition to the witchcraft and the m This is an enoyable, short mystery novel about a young witch who keeps seeing her best friend and roommate kidnapped in her dreams. But Drea's still kind of in love with him and therefore thwarts all the opportunities that Stacey and Chad have to talk. Seriously, I have no idea why Stacey even bothered to help Drea or why afterward she remained friends with her. Her nightmares caused her to wet the bed, which is a problem she's never had before, and when Drea finds out about this she tells everyone all at once--to be catty, not to get support for her friend--and not once does Drea ever apologize for this.

I can tell you right now that if I peed the bed, and my "best friend" decided to announce that? I'm sorry would be the least she could say.

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I found Amber, PJ, and Chad to be two-dimensional and somewhat forgettable. That being said, the whodunnit at the end was reasonably well done. The character it ended up being was one that I hadn't dedicated much thought to. Sep 06, Andee rated it it was amazing. The first book in the BIFN series! When Freshman Stacey Brown starts having nightmares about her roommate and bestfriend Drea, she goes on a journey that will change her perspective on her nightmares.

It starts off with phone calls between drea and this "unknown guy" she won't mention, later there's notes and mysterious packages, and later death threats.

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Stacey needs to sleep so she can dream, and help save drea but will she be able to do it in time? Using her intuition and her Wicca, Stacey might be able to do it. Apr 06, Rebecca McNutt rated it liked it Shelves: romance , young-adult , fiction , paranormal , fantasy , school-life , friendship. This book was kind of typical, but I still really liked the paranormal fantasy element and the characters were well-written and easy to relate to. May 15, Jackie rated it really liked it.

Rating: 3. That said, there were lots of things that I just really didn't like about this. Primarily, I thought this book was extremely slow paced--I mean really slow. For one thing, the first four chapters were dedicated to one night, that in my opinion, didn't really have a lot going on. Another thing I didn't like about the book was the lack of character develo Rating: 3. Another thing I didn't like about the book was the lack of character development in it.

Sure, I think some of the characters were well-written, but others were very shallow and I really didn't see any growth. Lastly, I felt that some of the actions and behaviors seemed forced to fit with the storyline. Overall though, Blue is For Nightmares was well-written and I enjoyed the storyline.

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Plus, I enjoyed the fact that I couldn't guess the mystery and was kind of surprised by it. Jan 07, Jacob rated it it was ok Shelves: yong-adoolt. The beginning is rocky--the narrative is clunky and feels very immature due to moments of heavy-handed exposition and generic teen characterizations. The given circumstances also feel annoyingly familiar: we're at a co-ed boarding school, there are creepy goings-on, and our protagonist--Stacey Brown--is a witch.

But Stacey is of the Wicca persuasion, and this is a new sort of character to my reading experience. I found myself both intrigued and vag 2 stars isn't a bad thing in my book. I found myself both intrigued and vaguely bothered by the fact that Wicca has a solid footing in the real world, and is portrayed as such; while the magic of Harry Potter and other similar tales are very fanciful, Stacey's persona and practice is very normal.

What I mean is that she's not waving a wand and making cheese explode or something outrageous; she's got bits of plants that she combines together and she's burning candles and she's asking the Earth to help her see and help her be patient and to help her connect with people.

There's no cauldrons, there no big POOF moments, but there is evidence in Stacey's story of her having the strength that she seeks through her spells--the insight and the loyalty and the doggedness that helps her to develop as person. While I've never been interesting in becoming Wiccan, I have always been interested in what it's about; where it's coming from. To be honest, while the first half of the book was boring for me, I enjoyed this depiction quite a bit, because it made me rethink my definition of witchcraft. The great strength of this book is that confidently depicts a normal girl having an empowering kind of trust and interest in the natural powers of nature and humanity.

The reason I say I was bothered by this is because of my personal belief in the supernatural. It's real, and there's duality to it--good and evil, real and counterfeit--and, to me, Wicca falls under the counterfeit counter. About page , the narrative seemed suddenly better; it was wittier, the dialogue more quick and smart, the contemplative sections more natural and peaceful, the teenage characters more true and developed.

Which is great. By the book's end, I was feeling enough for the characters to be emotionally moved by their efforts for one another, and that, really is all I ask of a book. It must be said, though, that the character of Amber, one of Stacey's school friends, was stealing the show in the first half: she's simultaneously the most generic and yet dynamic character in the book. Her ditzy boy-craziness gives her a clear intention that pumps life into every moment that she has on the page. Stacey's interest as a character in this first half is generated more by her unconventional methodology than in any actual characterization.

Oct 29, Jennifer rated it did not like it. Well, I feel a bit schizophrenic, with my extremes of likes and dislikes, but a great many YA reads seem to be either very good or very bad, and the very bad get an extra kick from me when they are blatantly poorly pieced together commercial rubbish based on supposed 'high interest' factors in teen reads.

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This book is at least not a knock off of the Twilight series, I guess its got that going for it, but then again there's a lot of rubbish that Twilight can't take the blame for out there. Both t Well, I feel a bit schizophrenic, with my extremes of likes and dislikes, but a great many YA reads seem to be either very good or very bad, and the very bad get an extra kick from me when they are blatantly poorly pieced together commercial rubbish based on supposed 'high interest' factors in teen reads.

Both the major characters' friends in this amateurish romp are remarkably unrealistically foolish - they need to be to inject some interest in the unimaginative plot, but Stolarz doesn't seem to understand that she is sacrificing plausibility by creating them like this. Of course, the main character, Stacey is not as stupid as her friends, but it simply beggars belief that she would hang out with two friends who do things as foolhardy as flashing a potentially stalking stranger her tits through a broken window in her friends' room Amber , or talking about her sex life with a stranger who phoned her by mistake and won't give her his name Drea.

Sometimes this story is just plain tacky, IMHO. Because Amber, in particular, is such an unattractive and idiotic character, Stacey is constantly just tolerating her and silently begging for her to leave whenever she is present, and the reader can't help but wonder why anyone like her would hang out with someone like that. OK, Drea is Stacey's room mate and perhaps they had no choice in the share, but Stacey has no other friends in the story, except boys who have been other of her friends' love interest.

Similarly stressful on our willingness to suspend reality is the ostensibly sensible Stacey's spells and practice of Wicca, and even holding a seance. Of course, Stacey also practices the usual poor writer's heroine's dimwittedness in venturing into the woods alone when she thinks she's being stalked, worsened, of course, by the fact that the police officer who she had called to meet her there was distracted by one of Stacey's friends and didn't turn up on time, just to thicken the inert plot.

And descriptions like "the library appeared just like it has every other day, like a giant brick harmonica dropped down from outer space" are probably sufficient to demonstrate my point that there is no good writing to rescue the poor plotline and characterisation. All that said, many adolescents are in for a bit of titillation, and the formula of sex and magic will probably net Stolarz a reasonable following. I'm sorry I bought the boxed set of the series for my library. Jul 02, Luann rated it did not like it Shelves: young-adult , fantasy , This is another one I didn't enjoy much.

It came as an "extra" in a batch of books I got through eBay. Now I know why they wanted to give it away! I think the author was trying to write a book similar to a teen horror movie. She kept having the characters say and think things like, "It's like some bad horror movie or something," and "This isn't a slasher movie, it's a prep school," and "Some senior boys are treating this like a cheesy horror movie This was definitely bad and cheesy. I know as the reader I'm supposed to care about what happens to the characters in the book, but they didn't feel like real people at all.

The characters were very flat and unpleasant. I had a hard time feeling any sense of dread for the events that were obviously going to happen. It's probably not fair to this book that I'm also reading Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca because the comparison between the two is like night and day.

Rebecca is wonderfully creepy and mysterious with fleshed-out characters who seem real, including an amazing setting that is almost like another character in the story. I'm going to go listen to the last bit of Rebecca and add this book to my donate stack. Oct 08, Eshusdaughter rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , books-i-discarded , paranormal , young-adult.

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I'll make you pay. School is over, and now Stacey, her boyfriend Jacob, and their friends have A year has passed since Stacey Brown saved her best friend from a horrible death. Now she's having nightmares again, The truth about Stacey is she has diabetes. Nobody knows.. But even they don't Please note that the Lexile measures for a small population of books have been recently updated. Enhancements were made to more precisely measure materials read in K-2 classrooms. Although the vast majority of books that have Lexile measures did not change, a small subset of books required updated Lexile measures.

Many products and services offer Lexile measures for their books and reading materials. Blue is for Nightmares is the product of her desire to write a novel that would have appealed to herself at that age, namely one that has a blending of suspense, romance, and the art of keeping secrets. She currently teaches writing and is a member of the SCBWI as well as several professional writing groups.

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