A Catalogue of Errors

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Speaking to Daily Star Online, Sylvia explained why the case has fascinated her, and why she wrote about it in her two-volume book on aviation mysteries Without a Trace. Sylvia said: "These days, an aircraft, especially a commercial airliner, doesn't crash without a sequence of bad decisions.

She explained how this model applied to MH , adding: "We can see this in practice without even knowing what happened on the aircraft. Sylvia went on: "Air traffic control was aware that MH was not in contact very soon after the Boeing flew off route but they waited over five hours before sounding the alarm. She added: "If air traffic control had alerted the world to the missing aircraft immediately, if the military had reported that they'd seen it on the radar, if the search and rescue had been centred on the Indian Ocean on that same day, then we might have some answers.

The plane disappeared on March 8, , just 38 minutes after taking off from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. Ad Account Permissions. Create Ads.

A Catalogue of Errors

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Theo Treharne-Jones Kos death: 'Catalogue of errors to blame'

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A catalogue of errors

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