Cours de science sociale. (French Edition)

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Mowery ; R. Foray : The knowledge and the rabbit: can we measure what is on the other side of the scales?

Cours de vacances (French courses)

Haefliger ; E. Monteiro ; D. Foray ; G. Foray ; S. Phelps : The challenge of innovation in turbulent times. HALL : Smart specialisation From academic idea to political instrument, the surprising career of a concept and the difficulties involved in its implementation.

Lhuillery ; J. Foray ; F. Lissoni : University research and public-private interaction ; Handbook of the Economics of Innovation ; Elsevier , Foray : A primer on patent and innovation ; International Management. Foray ; E. Aghion ; P. David ; D. Foray ; B. Callaert ; B.

Current work

Van Looy ; D. Foray ; K. Debackere : Combining the production and the valorization of academic research: a qualitative investigation of enacted mechanisms ; European universities in transition. Issues, models and cases ; Cheltenham : Edward Elgar , Foray : Enriching the indicator base for the economics of knowledge ; Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in a Changing World.

Responding to Policy Needs. Hall ; J. Conti ; P. Foray : Academic Licensing: a European Study.

Thoron ; J. Zimmerman : Open software: knowledge openness and cooperation in cyberspace ; Internet and digital economics: Principles, methods and applications ; New York : Cambridge University Press , Foray ; R. Murnane ; R. Nelson : Randomized trials of education and medical practices: strengths and limitations ; Economics of Innovation and New Technology.

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Foray ; T. Cook : Building the capacity to experiment in schools: a case study of the Institute of Educational Sciences in the U. Foray : University-industry knowledge transfer in Switzerland ; How universities promote economic growth ; Washington : The World Bank , Cowan ; E. Fauchart Foray ; P. Kahin ; D. Perez : The economics of open technology : collective organization and individual claims in 'fabrique lyonnaise' during the old regime ; New frontiers in the economics of innovation and new technology ; London : Edward Elgar , Antonelli ; D.

Hall ; W. Steinmueller : New frontiers in the economics of innovation and new technology: essays in honour of P. David ; Cheltenham : Edward Elgar. Cowan ; P. Foray : The explicit economics of knowledge codification and tacitness ; Understanding industrial and corporate change ; Oxford University Press , Encaoua ; D. Foray ; A. Hatchuel ; J. Foray : New models of innovation and the role of information technologies in the knowledge economy ; Transforming enterprise: The economic and social implications of information technology ; MIT Press , Hargreaves : The development of knowledge in different sectors: a model and some hypotheses ; London Review of Education.

Foray : On the provision of industry specific public goods: revisiting a policy process ; Science and Innovation. Rethinking the rationales for funding and governance ; London : Edward Elgar , Cassier : Knowledge production and distribution and the economics of high-tech consortia ; Change, Transformation and Development ; Physica-Verlag , Foray : On the creation of fundamental knowledge: finding the right balance between the public and private domains ; Economics, Law and Intellectual Property ; Kluwer Academic Publishers , Foray ; W.

Steinmueller : The economics of knowledge reproduction by inscription ; Industrial and Corporate Change. Encaoua ; A. Mairesse ; D. David : Economic Fundamentals of the Knowledge Society. Cowan : On the codifiability of knowledge : technical change and the structure of cognitive activities ; Economics and information ; Kluwer Academic Publishers , Mairesse : The knowledge dilemma and the geography of innovation ; Institutions and systems in the geography of innovation ; Kluwer Academic Publishers , Foray : New and old economics in the economy: a comment on K.

Stiroh ; Economic policy issues of the new economy ; Heidelberg : Springer , Cowan : Evolutionary economics and the counterfactual threat: on the nature and role of counterfactual history as an empirical tool in economics ; Journal of Evolutionary Economics. David ; J. Foray : Public dimensions of the knowledge-driven economy.

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Cohendet ; D. Guellec ; J. Mairesse : Public management of positive research externalities ; Doing business in the knowledge-based economy ; Kluwer Academic Publishers , Foray : Continuities and ruptures in knowledge management practices ; Knowledge management and innovation ; Kluwer Academic Publishers , Foray : Facing the problem of unbalanced development of knowledge across sectors and fields: the case of the knowledge base in primary education ; Research Policy. Foray : Intellectual property and innovation in the knowledge-based economy.

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Fauchart ; D. Gunby : Technological accidents: Learning from disaster. Foray : The explicit economics of knowledge codification and tacitness ; Industrial and Corporate Change. Perret ; G. Llerna : Management et choix d'investissement dans les projets de forte rupture technologique.

Foray : Normes et innovations dans la dynamique technologique ; La rupture technologique ; Economica , Cassier ; D. Callon ; P. Cohendet ; N. Curien ; F. Dalle ; D. Foray : The innovation vs. Steinmueller : The research network and the new economics of science ; The organization of innovative activities in Europe ; Cambridge University Press , Foray : Errors and mistakes in technological systems: from potential regret to path-dependent inefficiency ; Advances in Self-Organization and Evolutionary Economics ; Economica , Aubin : The emergence of network organizations in processes of technological choices: a viability approach ; The Economics of Network ; Springer , Dalle : Marshallian externalities and the emergence and spatial stability of technological enclaves ; Economics of Innovation and New Technology.

Foray : Generation and distribution of technological knowledge: incentives, norms and institutions ; Systems of Innovation: Technologies, Institutions and Organizations ; London : Pinter Publishers , Cowan : The economics of codification and the diffusion of knowledge ; Industrial and Corporate Change. Foray : The dynamic implications of increasing returns: Technological change and path dependent inefficiency ; International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Lundvall : The knowledge-based economy: from the economics of knowledge to the learning economy ; Unemployment and growth in the knowledge-based economy ; OCDE , Llerena : Information structure and coordination in technology policy: a theoretical model and two case studies ; Journal of Evolutionary Economics.

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Once admitted, students have flexibility in designing their own curriculum and also establish a close connection with a relevant tutor who supervises them during the course of their studies. The university employs a relatively small number of professors, but remains active in the exchange of researchers, who come from a wide range of academic fields in order to assist students in delivering their research projects.

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