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Cars were driven with one door open, so if the car goes through the ice the driver could scramble free. But some of the most beautiful and clever flappers of the day were also making a name for themselves in the bootlegging game…. For starters, many states had laws which forbade women from even being searched by police, making it very easy for ladies to smuggle booze under their drop-waist fashions and fur coats. If there were ever caught, they were unlikely to be convicted by a judge because no one could see them as anything other than housewives, mothers and sisters.

Even the toughest of judges would give female bootleggers much lighter sentences than their male counterparts. Her swashbuckling story as a female run-runner is detailed in the autobiography, The Bahama Queen. Forgot your password?

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These all-new recordings were waxed in the Dungeon of Horror one week in April, just before leaving on the Baseball Project's latest foray which ended last night with a BANG, thank you. The track listing includes six previously unreleased or brand new McCaughey compositions, as well as four Ian Hunter songs, in tribute to the tremendous inspiration he and his Mott cohorts have provided me for so many years.

There will be a run of numbered copies that will travel across the plains with us until they are exhausted.

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Why make it easy?? The Mob is at war. Into this cauldron steps a naive young Englishman, Jacob Wattworth. He dreams of movie stardom in Hollywood, but within days of stepping ashore in New York he becomes entangled with a rag-tag crew of raffish but lovable bootleggers led by chameleonic superwoman, Eleanor Macnamara. Murder, romance and comedy follow him from New York's mean streets to the frozen wilderness of Quebec's goldfields. Along the way, he engages with malevolent mobsters and colourful characters such as blind Colonel Selwyn Good and the flamboyant movie producer, Argus D.

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Always in love, but rarely in luck. Jacob is the plaything of events beyond his control. Even though his mentors, his girl, his friends, desert him or die, his optimism always sustains him.