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The theme is the life and loves of Chakat Forestwalker Forest for short , and hir extended family. In these tales, I try to explore what it's like to be a chakat, and how they relate to others. I have attempted to cover the dramas, joys, tragedies, humour and all those other things that make up any person's life, and still put an unusual twist on things.

This is an adult series, so occasional sex scenes occur in some stories. Sex is a part of life too, and it would be wrong to exclude it. However, I have done my best to make the scenes relevant and enjoyable. The original stories were not written as such; they began as private email interactions between my characters and Boyce Kline's.

However, it was felt that they would also make interesting stories, so I wrote them up properly. These started mostly as erotica pieces, but they also gave intriguing tidbits of information about Chakat customs and pleasures. Gradually the storyline converged with the main Forest Tales storyline, occasionally making reference to events happening, or had happened, in those episodes. Another spin-off series, this one focuses on the Foxtaurs of the Chakat Universe. Chakats may still cameo in these stories, but it will be the Foxtaurs who will be in the spotlight.

All stories occur within the timeframe of the other stories and are listed in order with the other stories. Adventures of the Pegasus.

Beauty and the Beast Cinderella and other stories - Fairy Tales Bedtime Stories for Kids

Stories based on and around the Pegasus , flagship of the First Fleet. Quickpaw relates tales of moments in hir life during hir college years and the events that led up to them. These are written by hir player, Christian Neumann. I have a number of stories that don't fit into the above categories but still belong next to them which I'll put here. Also, the number of stories that guest authors have been writing that fit into the timeline of my stories keeps growing. To help keep them in order, I am now listing them in the chronological list at right.

Unlike the others though, there won't be links within them to the next chronological story. Another spin-off with a twist, The Colony features a large group of humans who were unwittingly drawn into an experimental society by persons unknown. These tales tell the stories of the various people caught up in this strange situation.

The original concept of the Colony is by V.

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Ducain, but I and others have written our own short stories for it also. Not all stories from guest writers fit into the chronological listing for various reasons, so be sure to check out the complete story listings underneath this table. Please be advised that many of the stories, both mine and guest authors, contain adult material.

While I do not have outright pornography in this archive, relevant sexual scenes are part of many of these tales. And finally, here's a list of reference articles: An Introduction To Chakats is the original reference for the physiological and psychological make-up of chakats, as well as an overview of their history. The Lonely Stellar Guide To Chakona is an informative article that is a must-read if you plan to visit this fascinating world. Sapient Species: A list with descriptions of some of the sapient species found in the Chakat Universe. Foxtaur Facts: History and information on the foxtaur species.

The Stellar Foxtaurs are the newest taurs of the Chakat Universe. Find out more about them! Skunktaurs: An article by Bob Reijns detailing the history of the chakat-kin skunktaurs. Herm Haven, is there to serve the needs of the herm community.

Tales of Toyland and Other Stories (Rewards, #8) by Enid Blyton

You too can join! Building Chakona: A pictorial article on Chakona and its inhabitants. With Seth Triggs Infrequently Asked Questions: Is there a question that hasn't been answered by one of the above articles? Check out the IAQ! The Wish and its sequel, Second Chance , feature a bear morph who makes a careless wish.

Both contain erotica. Jazmyn's World is the tale of a vixen-morph alone in a strange new world. Change of Life , is a story about Whirring Cogs, a changeling in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe, who just wants to be an ordinary pegasus.

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It's a pity Queen Chrysalis had other ideas. Changelings have started to become a common sight in Canterlot, much to the dismay of Frothy Brew. A Different Perspective is needed when an earth pony named Long Path realises that many ponies are bigoted against other species.

Setting out with his best friend, a griffon named Free Agent, and their sponsor, Twilight Sparkle, they seek to learn about other species and cultures. Adventure, laughter, and love ensue. Click here for adult-rated epilogue version The Growing Years is a series of vignettes that take place after " A Different Perspective ".

Quantum Gallop follows the children of House Path as they struggle to correct changes to history.

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This is the sequel to " The Growing Years ". This is the sequel to " Quantum Gallop ". Cosmic Lotus follows House Path and all the races of Equis as they venture into the depths of space. Unchanging Loyalty is a short story about an unusual Wonderbolt that takes place during Calm Wind's tale, " Piercing the Heavens ".

Safe Landings is a series of stories set in the Ponies After People universe created by Starscribe , featuring a very special aeronautical rescue squad. Off The Mark features a human named Mark Wells who falls through a portal into Equestria and ends up as a pegasus. The following Chakat Universe stories are by other authors. Nevertheless you should enjoy them for the different perspectives that they can bring, or they may be just plain fun. Consequences: Chapter 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , and Honeymane and Manetheren by Honeymane.

Bound To Play by Midsnow. Part One by Daniel Charne. Retribution by Nathan "StarShadow" Cooper. A Long Twilight Journey by Athirne. Kittens and Cat-nappings by Kyle Johnson.

Abigail Strong

The Impossible Dream by Joe Prescott. Chakat Dreams by Paul Gilbert. Chakat Snowpaws. The Colony and Lessons by V. Given Purpose by Richard Thatcher. Chakat Baby by Aspen "Sundance" Rider. Gazing by Allen Billings. At Home Again by leonardo maffi. The Daedalus Incident by Ryan Want a. Chakat Stardreamer. Echo Lance by Dax. Baby Sitting and Invasion of the Body Swappers!

Recovery , by Adrian Nunenkamp. Chronicles of Sherwood by Adam Harris. Rain by Chakat Scirocco. Tales From the Night Watch by Cuprohastes. The Accident by Dennis Hurst. The Rendezvous by J. No Chance Of Rain by Farinata. The Cub by Garjala. Beyond the Warmth of Home, chapters by Cesium. Last Day by ArcticKiba. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A story book for children aged about yrs old.

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From her childhood in Cuba, to her heroic move to the United States.

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Needing to support a family and navigate a new country, not knowing Lake Tales. Lake Tales deals with history, mystery and adventure in and around the Great Lakes. Ships of note and notable and colorful personalities are found here. Bravery and cowardice, generosity and greed all the facets of humanity are present.