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Both were created and written by revered western writer Ben Haas under his John Benteen pseudonym.

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With the success of both series, publisher Harry Shorten asked Haas to create a third Benteen series— Cutler. For various reasons, however, the lightning strikes of the Fargo and Sundance series never zapped Cutler in the same way—possibly because Cutler was not a very nice character to be around. Despite this lack of traction, the concept of a hardened hunter taking on rogue animals with a bounty on them is unusual enough to warrant reading. Physically, Cutler is a traditional Benteen hero— A taciturn, leathery, hunter of men and animals in his early thirties, John Cutler stands better than six feet tall, with broad, sloping shoulders, and a barrel-chest tapering to lean waist and slim hips.

His brows are great black marks above deep-set eyes the color of gunmetal, the planes of his big-nosed face rough and angular, his skin burnt to the color of rawhide by a life in the sun. His wardrobe consists of a filthy blue work shirt, a calfskin vest, jeans, fringed shotgun chaps, and flat-heeled boots made for walking as much as for riding. A holstered.

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Cutler had been an experienced Federal Marshal in Indian Territory before retiring with his new bride to a ranch in Arizona. The bear—a huge monster with a silver blaze—had been killing cattle. Cutler sets traps to capture or kill the beast.

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When he returns to check them, however, he finds the rouge bear has escaped by chewing off the paw caught in the hunting traps vicious jaws. Cutler races home, but he is too late.

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Cutler rides in just in time to catch her dying breath about the bear. Cutler immediately starts to hunt down the beast until a blizzard causes him to lose the trail. Five years pass.

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Cutler I now a nasty drunk who makes his living hunting and killing rogue animals with bounties on them—but the biggest rogue still eludes him. Unlike most bears, this monster stays on the move, killing anything in his path, with Cutler always a step behind…But Cutler will not give up. The Cutler series was turned over to Vernon Hinkle—using the pseudonym H. Elkin—for four more titles before the series was shot down possibly by rogue animal lovers or PETA …. The first four books in the series span a one year time frame after the end of the Civil War.

Calhoon is a bitter, one-handed, ex-plantation owner who has lost everything in the war.

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Gannon is a Texan trying to start a new ranch with wild cattle. He was also presented with a certificate by the city of Palm Springs and a plaque by the nearby city of Rancho Mirage in recognition of his career achievements. In May , Gunn served as commencement speaker at the Corcoran College of Art and Design , and received an honorary doctorate from the institution.

He made sporadic appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson ' s "Dear Aquaman" segments, helping or standing in for Aquaman Ferguson , answering letters and dispensing advice. On September 7, , it was confirmed that Gunn, along with Heidi Klum would not be returning to Project Runway for a 17th season on Bravo as they both signed a deal to host a fashion competition show on Amazon Video.

Gunn appeared in a backup story in the first issue of Models Inc. Gunn appeared on a variant cover of the issue illustrated by Phil Jimenez. In , he participated in Do I Sound Gay? Gunn lives in Manhattan. I knew what I wasn't: I wasn't interested in boys, and I really wasn't interested in girls.

Calhoon (A Rancho Bravo Western)

He later stated that he is unashamed of this fact saying, "Do I feel like less of a person for it? No… I'm a perfectly happy and fulfilled individual. Gunn is an outspoken critic of clothing designs using animal fur. He termed the treatment of animals used for fur as "egregiously irresponsible". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tim Gunn.

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Gunn attending the 81st Academy Awards. Washington, D. Corcoran College of Art and Design. Fashion consultant Television personality Author. Retrieved July 20, Metro Weekly. Retrieved March 13, Retrieved It Gets Better Project. Archived from the original on Blouin Art Info. Retrieved 19 July Archived from the original on February 24, Retrieved August 17,