Emily Posts Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online

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Mostly, Senning takes a read-the-room approach. The Internet helps foster communication, but, as Senning notes, it also elegantly can help with avoidance. Maybe this is why Facebook changed the option. Some wish to take this to the extreme, like Nick Bilton of the New York Times , who has made a case against thank-you e-mails. Senning takes a more measured approach, rarely handing down pronouncements or prohibitions. Senning, though, could have gone much further. Description Finally, a reliable guide to navigating the online world: Learn the skills to conduct yourself online with care and class.

Emily Post's Manners in a Digital World : Living Well Online

A trusted source for generations: In a world that seems to change constantly, the name Emily Post remains synonymous with good manners. Essential and easy-to-adopt advice: Clear, up-to-the-minute advice is appropriate for users young and old. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Senning is a presenter of the Emily Post Business Etiquette Seminar series, and has presented to clients around the country.

In addition to authoring books, the company hosts emilypost. The company recently launched e-learning programs that feature business etiquette information. Currently, two generations and five direct descendants of Emily Post and their immediate families are involved with the Emily Post Institute.

Emily Post's Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online - Daniel Post Senning - Google книги

Maybe we are seeing more outrageous behavior than ever before because we are recording more of it and sharing it with more people than was possible even just a few short years ago. Certainly the glut of digital information often leaves us dazed and confused, and worse, overwhelmed and filterless. I often take calls from reporters wanting my comments on the perceived decline of manners in an increasingly digital world.

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Sure there are bad manners, but there are good ones too. Take the very word etiquette. From the French for little signs, it also connotes social rules both in French and in English. In fact, the two meanings share a history. Beyond the signs from management, there are self-imposed rules as well. Rapidly developing technologies and new ways of communicating can challenge long-established social norms—such as not interrupting a meeting or bugging your fellow diners.

However, the fundamental rules that guide all good social interactions still apply no matter what medium connects two people: Treat others with respect. Think about how your actions will affect the people around you.

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  8. Be considerate of the feelings of those you interact with. Whether it is a blog or a smartphone, the degree to which new media help us build and sustain our relationships depends entirely on how well we use it.

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    Anna Post, my cousin and a business etiquette trainer at the Emily Post Institute, has built an effective teaching moment into her corporate seminars when she talks about the best ways to use a smartphone. She takes out her phone, the latest and coolest device on the market, and holds it up in the air.

    This is my phone, she announces. It is not rude; it is not polite. This demonstration is a very simple, clear, and personal way to illustrate the heart of the matter: thinking about how using any piece of technology will affect other people is the key to using it well. The word netiquette from network and etiquette has been in use since at least the early s, back in the simple days of a primarily text-based web network linking schools and research institutions.

    He is credited not only with suggesting the idea of the dot used everywhere in web addresses, but also, some say, with coining the term netiquette. Niceness, also known as good manners, speaks to behaviors we describe as civil, being cool about something, doing the right thing, or being appropriate for the time, place, or company we are in. The word etiquette technically sums it up, but frankly, it can sound old-fashioned.

    Offline, basic niceness is about treating those around us with consideration, respect, and honesty.

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    But we do have to be in control of our own actions, and we have a responsibility to act respectfully toward others. This is no great leap forward, and although a great deal of our technology is brand-new, the socialization that occurs through it is not. While the digital world has opened new ways to socialize and new ways to expand a social circle, the interaction is as old as two people getting together to talk about the best way to start a fire from two sticks and some leaves. We are social creatures, and digital devices and platforms just give us new ways to do the same old things.

    We talk to one another. We connect. We do business. We meet new people.

    Emily Post's Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online

    We fall in love. Without the check of a reproachful glance, people can be unkind and inconsiderate, as well as frustratingly anonymous. Technology makes communication so easy, immediate, and convenient—available anywhere, from airline seats to toilet seats—that it unfortunately also makes it just as easy and immediate to be unintentionally rude. We all know how easy it is to pass on a negative story, complaint, or sometimes even just a bad feeling.

    On the web these instances have the potential to be shared and amplified, turning ripples into waves. Did you get the e-mail? Are you in the loop? Immediacy can be convenient, and it can also be overwhelming. Instead of thinking, we often just react. Generational perspective can be another point of friction. Ask a room full of Americans if they think we are ruder today than twenty or thirty years ago, and a solid majority of hands will go up. I do this at the start of every business seminar I teach. We all easily fall prey to the feeling that society is slipping.