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Charrette Chiropractic. Charrette Dr. Pediatric Chiropractor at Charrette Chiropractic At Charrette Chiropractic , our chiropractors are trained in caring for infants, babies and children and have years of experience. Email Charrette Chiropractic. Comments, Requests, Questions, or Suggestions.

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  8. Patient Type New Patient. Current Patient. Returning Patient. Appointment Minute M 00 15 30 Subluxation is a misalignment or lack of motion within the spine that results in stress and ill health in the body.

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    The birth process is a very common cause of subluxation, especially a birth process that resulted in many interventions. Chiropractors are the only ones trained to detect and remove these subluxations, and doing so will help to ensure that ill health does not follow for your newborn.

    As children continue to grow their spines undergo many forms of trauma as they learn to walk and crawl, play, and become involved in sports. It has been said that a child undergoes enough falls in one day to put an adult in the hospital. Many of these things may again result in subluxations which can be easily detected and removed by a doctor of chiropractic. Michelle and the staff at Connected Chiropractic are committed to providing you with complete wellness education that gives you the answers you need!

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    If you feel your child may have any signs of subluxation, please contact us to find out what you can do about it. Essential neuro-developmental changes occur in the first few years of life. How we support children during these years determines their expression of health and well-being.

    Through a clear and balanced system, children can express their health optimally. At Connected Chiropractic, we are extensively trained on how to take care of the most precious thing in the world to you, your child.

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