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The Chet and Bernie books Bernie is the detective are for adults, although a lot of teens seem to be reading them. For middle-schoolers, I wrote the Bowser and Birdie series, and am now doing the Queenie and Arthur series. I live on Cape Cod with my wife — all the kids up and grown now — and dogs Audrey and Pearl. Audrey and Pearl are the kind of researchers writers dream of, showing up every day and working for treats. People often ask: Will you be writing any more novels of the kind you used to, before the birth of Spencer Quinn? Answer: Yes. Not only do I plan to, but I already have.

Re the name on the cover: Since a dog plays a supporting but non-narrating role , the publisher thought … publisher-type thoughts. Well — webmaster here — Is it okay to mention all the New York Times bestsellers, winning an Edgar Allen Poe award for Reality Check, best young adult mystery, , and an Agatha for Down the Rabbit Hole, best young adult mystery, ?

What else? After that incident was over, people remembered that Depression Quest is a piece of shit, and both it and Zoe Quinn disappeared into the abyss for a year.

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Then her ex-boyfriend published a massive blog post detailing how she spent their entire relationship lying to him to his face, manipulating him, and cheating on him with people in the gaming industry in exchange for positive reviews and publicity. Now, there is some doubt about the truth in the favour exchange - one of the positive reviews she got apparently doesn't actually exist, for instance - but let's tackle the two aspects of that claim independently.

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Those two aspects are a that she cheated on her boyfriend after specifically saying she wouldn't; and b that she did so for professional benefit. If she cheated on her boyfriend while telling him to his face that she would never do that, and indeed that cheating is equivalent to rape her words , then she's a liar, a whore, and a terrible person. She has not ever disputed that this happened, so I think we can safely assume this is true.

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She did, however, eventually post a response to the issue, available from GamesNosh , in which she says that her personal life is personal, and she isn't going to discuss it. And as far as that's concerned, she's absolutely correct: who she sleeps with is nobody's business but hers and theirs, so long as nobody's getting hurt boyfriend excepted because cheating. She also said As much as those leading the charge against me will do mental backflips to make posting pictures of my tits about "ethics" [. She consented to them being taken, and they were already publicly available; she just conveniently left that part out when complaining about it, so she could pretend it was some clandestine thing being done without her approval.

Chalk another one up to fabricating shit out of thin air to play the victim. I am a huge advocate of separating private and public life, and good for her for wanting to do the same. But here's the thing: if you're using sex as a tool to advance your professional career, then it's no longer a private matter, because corporate interests are now involved.

At that point your sex life becomes intertwined with your public life in a way that cannot be undone. In fact, any transportation and hotel bills related to those conjugal visits could probably be written off as business expenses on her taxes, so she can save a bit of money next April. The point is that at that point, your sex life becomes fair game for public scrutiny, because you've chosen to make it a business matter.

And that brings us to the second aspect of the claim. If it's true that she traded sex for professional favours - and I'm not coming down on either side here, this is an academic discussion - then there is serious blame to be placed at the feet of the people she slept with.

As far as the cheating on her boyfriend goes, that blame is all hers. As far as getting favours for sex is concerned, that's entirely on the people she slept with. She is fully allowed to attempt to fuck her way to the top. The problem is the ethics of the people who are plugging her agreeing to it. Let's face it, women have been using sex to get what they want for centuries.


Men like putting their dicks in things, and when someone gives us the opportunity to do it, we tend to accept that offer. The ethical problem is when the man doing the inserting then agrees to do something he shouldn't for the woman, purely on the grounds that he's been inside of her once or thrice. When your profession is providing objective content reviews for public consumption, and you then turn around and give some of that content a more positive review than it deserves because you managed to get your dick wet, that is a breach of trust and ethics, and a blatant conflict of interest.

At that point you stop being a reviewer, and you become a John, paying a prostitute for sex with your words instead of your dollars. That's what's called journalistic integrity, and people do it all the time. Perfect Location, Wonderfull Hotel. This was the area I was originally looking to book in when planning our stay in New York so we agreed and changed hotels. From the very first greeting we knew we were in the right hotel for us. We arrived well before the allocated checkin time but this was not an issue for the reception staff who were genuinely friendly and helpful.

When I questioned if they had a larger room available it was no trouble at all and we were given our room immediately. The Quin was very tastefully decorated and the rooms are extremely comfortable, we were given a junior suite, one of the windows faced Central Park which was a lovely surprise. The bedding was luxurious and the linen was beautiful. As this was our first time in NYC we took full advantage of the concierge's knowledge and were given very good restaurant tips and advice. Every staff member we encountered greated us with warmth and were extremely helpful and professional.

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We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant connected with the hotel but our breakfast was not as good as it should have been so we only tried it once. The hotel is in a great position, one block from Central Park, and in the opposite direction one block from Carnage Hall. It's also an easy stroll to the theatres and there are plenty of good restaurants within a short walk. Across the road is a 24 hour convenience store and cafes down the block. I know if we had stayed in our original hotel we would not have enjoyed our stay half as much, thank you Quin Hotel staff for helping to make our first visit to New York fabulous.

Date of stay: January Thank you very much for your thoughtful review. We are honored you found our team to be especially professional, intuitive, and caring. It was our pleasure to make you feel at home with us. We hope to welcome you back soon. Barbara Christoph General Manager. A G wrote a review Jun Gainesville 2 contributions. Horrible experience. Needed our room to be feather free due to deathly allergic to them.

Clearly stated on the reservation. Repeated at check in. Had to wait until 10 at night to finally get room fixed. AC broken in both rooms. Outside elevator going all day and night for construction.

Quin, foal born in the Ontario SPCA’s care, is ready to find his forever home!

Promised a reduction on our rooms and so far was charged more than my booking …. Review collected in partnership with Hilton Grand Vacations. Date of stay: June Sleep Quality. Trip type: Traveled with family. Thank you for your review. I sincerely apologize for the missed opportunities during your stay with us. We will continue the conversation directly with you via email. Chicago, Illinois 24 contributions 8 helpful votes.

Great location, nice hotel. I stayed at the Quin for one night after a terrible stay at a different hotel the prior night. The Quin is a very nice hotel, with a modern room, a snazzy lobby, and impressive art. The room itself was quite small it is Manhattan after all , but it was well-appointed and very clean. The only issues I had were that the bathroom sink did not drain, and the check-in process was annoying. You can't actually make a reservation at the front desk, which was a bit baffling.

I had issues booking through their website I couldn't seem to convince the site that I wasn't a robot , but eventually it worked out. I also had booked a king room, and they gave me a room with two double beds.

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  • All that said, I'd definitely stay there again in the future.