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Luis Garza, was removed from key posts and sent to Mexico. Corcuera and Robles Gil -originally handpicked by Maciel to found the Regnum Christi youth section- to lead the renewal and the new Legion. Pope Francis signed off on those constitutions. All of this in a wide-ranging and almost casual conversation with allowed Pope Francis to be very vague and slide away from unpleasant issues.

Our first impression is that the Holy Father does not totally comprehend the full malice of Father Maciel and the disastrous effects he and the men formed by him have had on others. It is just not enough to say that Fr. So there remains a profound question to be answered: how could such a corrupt, destructive, psychopathic person, totally lacking in faith, hope and charity found a religious order?

At the risk of scandalizing our Catholic readers we request from our leaders a review of the late and lukewarm intervention of Church authorities in this case. The issue is not so much how could Fr.

Machines Rule!

Maciel found this order, but it is the profound effect of Maciel on the Legion and how that effect is being propagated in the heart of the Church around the world, including a few minutes from where I live. The scandal that nobody is mentioning is thousands times larger than anyone, even you, apparently, will even talk about.

The stones are crying out! Reply 1. Editor March 16, at pm Edit wise2, Tell us more.

We find you comment well taken. This group of women, then girls, in the Regnum Christi, share their stories of abuse, neglect and the aftermath of being children in the Regnum Christi. For a complete list of stories to date, view Children of the Legion. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences because they have really helped me to have the courage to speak up about my own experiences.


I graduated after being at the PC for four years. Then I was consecrated and lasted a grand total of 8 months in Mexico. Bishop Watty also listened very patiently to my story and in a private aside, told me how sorry he was for what I went through. For personal reasons, I am withholding my name from this document as I do not want my life to be linked to Regnum Christi on the internet anymore, but I can be reached by means of this blog and will happily confirm my identity and the details contained within.

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Calling all Catholics! It should be similar because the same company that makes the Oscars, also makes the Telly Award statuettes. Their site claims to get 20, applications and also states that the funding for the statuettes comes from donations. Not bad. It is a network of phony philanthropy. The Cardinal Newman Society and Acton Institute offer recognition to the top colleges and top 50 Catholic high schools.

The fraud-line gets even longer in the school department. Thirty million is not bad for a grass-roots effort. Like this: Like Loading August 19, August 22, 3 Comments. Mary of the Lake! May 17, May 17, Leave a comment. Following is our summary of some of the things to look for based on the above article: Generally Relaxed Environment — Is there a rigid dogmatic legalistic uptight atmosphere or are people free to enjoy a spirit of lightheartedness where people are able to express joy and to laugh? Is there an environment where forgiveness is normally expected to be offered or are there ongoing grudges?


Is there a healthy sharing of power among the group leaders? Is there a healthy balance of power between the leaders and members of the group? Are there periodic changes of individual leaders in different levels of authority in the group or is there an individual or small group who retain tight control? Are the group leaders open to sincere and honest questions from the members in a transparent manner and is there any withholding of information?

Is there a good balance of formality and informality in the group and allowance for humor? Is there genuine friendliness with strangers? Is there excessive focus on expanding membership and fund raising? Is there a healthy relationship with the parent organization, e. Are members free to leave without undue pressure to remain? We continue to have a high level of concern regarding the freedom of mind and the independence of consecrated members and can offer several of our reasons as follows: In our opinion, neither the Legion nor Regnum Christi has ever existed primarily to serve God and humanity.

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Machines Rule! I write for a popular gadgets and technology blog and want a tongue-in-cheek Latin motto, "Machines rule! Would "Regnum Machinae!

Monitoring harmful groups in mainstream Churches

Anything along these themes would me much appreciated. Another thing that might me good is "In machines be trust," as a humorous counterpoint to the national motto. Would "In apparatus spearamus" work? The helpful soul s who provide the correct rendition or a good alternative will get a mention at Wired. All the best, Rob. Anonymous , Feb 28, Location: Virginia, US.