Gathering the Wind: What the Bible Says About God, the Weather, and Climate Change

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If the temperature is too cold or too hot, the population will grow more slowly. That is why the losses will be greatest in temperate regions, but less severe in the tropics. According to the study, wheat, which is typically grown in cool climates, will suffer the most, as increased temperatures will lead to greater insect metabolism, as well as increased pest populations and survival rates over the winter. Maize, which is grown in some areas where population rates will increase and others where they will decline, will face a more uneven future.

France and China, as major producers of wheat and rice, respectively, are also expected to face large increases in losses of those grains as well. Reduced yields in these three staple crops are a particular concern, because so many people around the world rely on them. Increased crop losses will result in a rise in food insecurity, especially in those parts of the world where it is already rife, and could lead to conflict. As farmers adapt to a changing climate by shifting planting dates or switching to new cultivars, they will also have to find ways to deal with pests, by introducing new crop rotations, or using more pesticides.

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But not all of these strategies will be available to all farmers. The bad news is…warmer climate has been modeled to create a more voracious insect population. The good news is…warmer climate has been modeled to create grains with significantly less nutritional value…… So I guess the modeled bugs in the modeled environment will not be able to consume a sufficient quantity of modeled grain and will become starving models, perhaps even starve to death.

Life is good. No, sadly computer models will show that they will now have to eat ALL of the food to get enough nutrients. Piers Corbyn, the ultimate climate sceptic, is the brother of Jeremy Corbyn, a devoted true believer. Delicious bugs!

Immediately After the Tribulation…

Yeah, there are studies that claim that. But when the law of non-contradiction disturbed a pseudo science? Both stories are out there. Whichever actually occurs, the other story will be forgotten. They seem to ignore the fact that a theory which predicts everything actually predicts nothing of any value. The climate change means wrong insects disappear. Because climate was optimal everywhere in If you are familiar with the Bible, you will see that everything these Cultists come up with is plagiarized from the Bible.

Cribbing from Revelation apparently did not work. So, now they are gonna give us the Plagues. I expect a story about frog invasion next.

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If you read the story of the Ten Plagues carefully you will find that the narrative suffers from some pretty extreme bad continuity. When the Isreaelites finally leave, they are persued by the Egyptian army on chariots. With all the livestock having been killed, sometimes twice, it is not explained what pulled the chariots.

Husky dogs presumably. Domestic livestock were killed only once.

Global Warming to bring biblical insect plague | Watts Up With That?

Draft animals and beasts of burden, ie horses and donkeys, are specifically mentioned in Exodus. Yes, and Pharaoh allowed the Hebrews to leave with their livestock. Somehow his military horses were magically resurrected in order to pursue the escaping slaves. To offset burning fossil fuels, you have to create a new sink. Using existing carbon sinks does nothing. The planet is mostly ocean.

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The oceans are the biggest sink of CO2. What process can you propose that will sink more CO2 than falling SSTs like we are presently witnessing? I find the fretting over CO2 to be way off-base when pondering future climate cyclicality or trends, to the more myopic observers. So … we should expect to find higher pest losses in the wheatfields of Kansas vs Manitoba? Has anyone checked this out? In NJ there is a plague of deer. What cracks me up is that there are many different climates already. Yet they talk about it as if there is just ONE, and it is going to hell. Or, move up the mountains a few hundred feet.

New climate! You just need one climate if a publication credit is the goal in the volume-based system. The solution is to find uses for the insects that make them highly valuable. The insects will then be harvested and the alarmists will complain that the insects are in danger of extinction. How about locust biodiesel?

Protein supplement for livestock. Hey if the locusts can guarantee a crop of themselves each year, we can harvest them. Not new. Note the date — Bug-vacs have to be tweaked for the type of insect. But of course this has never happened before… which is why we know so much about what is going to happen. Or bait. Or birds. Climate change would have to eliminate a good portion of the predatory critters too.

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Every 8 years or so there is a bloom of Mormon Crickets which can plague the western US. They are named after the religious sect who found out first hand how devastating this occurrence can be, but they were saved…by birds seagulls to be exact. Why is it the news is always bad news when it comes to a warming climate? They are just looking at the things that will have negative outcomes.

You cannot examine all the variables. The system is too complex and in consequence, really unpredictable. Already with four interacting species you can get chaos, with more and other factors added on top of that… nobody knows and nobody can know. But with an extremely simple system with some cherry picked things they might pretend they have something predictable. It would be inseresting to know how much of what is called science today is simply a new version of reading the tea leaves or casting bones in a bowl. Without real world validation this is just mental masturbation and doom mongering.

I suppose with all that extra biomass growing now from CO2 fertilisation, we can expect the termite population to increase.

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Always look on the bright side of life doomsters. Millions of Species die off, but crop eating insects multiply. Who could of thunk it; could it be another convenient truth? Odd — over the last or so years during rising temps — crop losses due to insects has decreased, crop yields have increased. There was an old Mad Magazine cartoon, where a perp was standing before a judge awaiting trial — the judge told him he could be judged by the judge himself, or by a jury of his peers.

Hold on now….. And the hell of it is that most of these fretting worry-warts are most often living in exceptionally good conditions from a historical and global point of view. If not, they are fools. If they did and then omitted that data, they are intentionally misleading and mendacious. Badder worser! It reads like a cracked record! Do any of these people know how to write a scientific paper anymore? In mist cases you can read the boring conclusions in the slant of their study. This is not a problem, since more CO2 will cause greater crop yields that will allow insect pests to dine at a level never known before.

Mother Nature has it all figured out. We should feel good about Her being able to take care of Her creatures like this. Simple to verify. Annual temperature in San Antonio is 18 degrees C warmer than in Edmonton. If degrees F is intended multiply by 1.

Someone should clue them in. North of Dallas, the corn is generally dead brown by the second week of june every year. I had a great-uncle who grew corn and had a pecan grove on his farm outside of Halletsville, Texas, and my Grandfather was a sharecropper near Victoria, Texas. The insects probably died from the heat. If the projection were accurate, and production remained static despite nearly quadrupling in the last fifty years, that would certainly be a significant impact if not necessarily a catastrophic one. Another interesting thought.

The three primary cradles of civilization and large-scale farming were:. What do these areas have in common? They are among the very few places on Earth where summer temperatures regularly top 50 C. Has there been an increase already? If not then you can calk this up to another story that verifies there has been no significant temperature increase globally. Still remains first down.

In my area of Pennsylvania, there is a outbreak of Spotted Lantern Flies. These lantern flies go after fruit, causing a number of local wineries to stop growing grapes. The source of the outbreak … somebody in Berks county imported ornamental stone for their garden from VietNam 4 years ago.

The stones were not properly cleaned or inspected. So far, there are no natural predators, so this year they are everywhere. They especially like to put their egg masses on the Ailanthus altissima, commonly known as tree of heaven, but they have also been going after our Silver Maples.

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We have been using a shop-vac with an extended tube to vacuum the little buggers off the nearby trees. Short read, but a worthwhile concept you seem to have missed. Hayhoe agrees with the common liberal perception that the evangelical community contains a significant proportion of apocalyptic or end-times believers —and that this belief, literally that judgment is upon us, undermines their concern about preserving the planet. In particular, she thinks the apostle Paul has a pretty good answer to end-times believers in his second epistle to the Thessalonians.

Many evangelicals are Young-Earth creationists, who believe that the Earth is 6, or so years old. So is the message working? Hayhoe thinks so. Treating the world like garbage says a lot about how you think about the person who you believe created the Earth. We are also available on Stitcher and on Swell. You can follow the show on Twitter at inquiringshow and like us on Facebook. One reason some evangelicals dismiss climate worries is an apocalyptic worldview. Yet what does the Bible say about the weather? Does it say anything about climate change or global warming?

Or has God simply We've all read the headlines. Or has God simply left us to our own devices? The Bible contains hundreds of verses that refer to the weather and who is in control of it. Scripture is filled with examples of how God has used weather both as a warning and as a blessing. It also contains examples of how weather has been used in times of battle and even as a means of judgment.

Building on examples from the past, present, and future, this book addresses weather and climate from a Biblical perspective. It also asks the question: where is God when disaster hits? Get A Copy. Paperback , 64 pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Gathering the Wind , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 11, Terri Lynn rated it did not like it Shelves: books-by-disturbed-people , author-should-be-taken-out-and-shot.

I well remember how after Hurricane Katrina and the tsunamis in Asia in and Christians came out swinging with the message that these weather events were punishment from god and a message to all that everyone must immediately become a conservative evangelical Protestant christian or else.

God, Bible Prove Climate Change A Hoax (Say GOP Reps)

Thousands of years ago, people believed in sea gods and volcano gods. When that big volcanic mountain started rumbling and spewing hot steam and ash, it looked to the locals like an angry person blowin I well remember how after Hurricane Katrina and the tsunamis in Asia in and Christians came out swinging with the message that these weather events were punishment from god and a message to all that everyone must immediately become a conservative evangelical Protestant christian or else.

When that big volcanic mountain started rumbling and spewing hot steam and ash, it looked to the locals like an angry person blowing his top. Since no humans lived inside the mountain, the ignorant villagers presumed anything living inside there must be a god and a pretty angry one at that. Likewise when hurricanes and tsunamis slashed the coasts and swamped the land. Angry sea god. Well, thousands of years have passed and we have gained tremendously in scientific knowledge. Our technology has advanced and we can actually see and learn the fine details of what really causes the volcano to erupt and the sea to lash out at the land.

We know about the molten level inside the earth, shifting plates, tides, cold and hot fronts, and more. We understand that there is no volcano or sea gods to be placated. Except for the conservative evangelical christians. They still have an angry male imaginary boss in the sky and they read something into every storm or eruption.