Letters Without Limits (Adults Alphabet Book 1)

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What are your favorite games for teaching and reviewing the alphabet?

Seo Plugin. Thanks for the advice. I have no idea how to SEO though I have a plug-in set up to help me with it. Looks like a fun thing to do when the grandkids are here. I will give it a try! Deb Kneaded Creations. My family ended up with a version where only the first letter on the sign counted or the first letter on a grouping of words on a vehicle.

I am almost 25 and still enjoy this game on road trips!

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I played it with friends or family growing up, and my husband and I enjoy playing it now. The exception is if all players become stuck on the same letter for an extended amount of time. In that case, only license plates are included. I also love the idea of adding numbers to the end. Sarah, you are welcome! I love hearing about your rule alterations! Sitting in the car for long periods of time is a sure recipe for bringing on the whining, so it […].

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Comments I wish I had read this earlier. I guess I should have written it earlier! It is fun. Great idea! Oh good! I hope they enjoy it! I still enjoy it myself at Sounds a little like what we used to play on road trips, fun!

Alphabet ABC - Learn and Practice Phonic Sounds - English Pronunciation Course

That would definitely make it more challenging!! Thanks for a great post that allowed me to reminisce and anticipate my next road trip!! We have played the number game up to !