Cyber Soldiers: A Trilogy

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One day, Theodore is approached by freelance executive Patricia to investigate an archive of data retrieved from just before the appearance of the first emergence.

The secret living in that archive will take him on an adventure through a stunted future of asylum malls, corporate bloodrooms and a secret off-world colony where Theodore must choose between creating a new future for humanity or staying true to his nature, and destroying it. If Then. James has a scar in the back of his head.

Or is the scar the mark of his implant that allows the Process to fill his mind with its own reality?

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But sometimes people must be evicted from the town. This strange meeting begins a new cycle of evictions in the town, while out on the rolling downland, the Process is methodically growing the soldiers and building the weapons required to relive a long lost battle.

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Compared to the thousands of allied soldiers landing on this foreign beach, the men of the 32nd Field Ambulance are misfits and cranks of every stripe: a Quaker pacifist, a freethinking padre, a meteorologist, and the private once a bailiff known simply as James. Exposed to constant shellfire and haunted by ghostly snipers, the stretcher-bearers work day and night on the long carry of wounded men.

One night they stumble across an ancient necropolis, disturbed by an exploding shell.

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  • Nelson creates Redtown, a digital version of a suburb, where the deepest secrets and desires of its citizens can be catalogued and studied. As the boundaries between Redtown and the real world break down and revolution against the Red Men is imminent, Nelson is forced to choose between the corporation and his family.

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    The trailer paints him as a soldier of the New Order who no longer believes in the cause. An epic battle over a lush green planet with temple ruins lead some fans to have a new hope for a return to Yavin 4, the location of the first Rebel Base from the original film. Is Luke's mysterious absence from the film's promotional materials the reason she's sad? The closest lead we have on the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill is this shot of a robotic hand resting on R2-D2. Other than that, your guess is as good as ours.

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    Many believe that the mysterious voice bookending the trailer "Just let it in" belongs to Maz Kanata Lupita Nyong'o , who was possibly featured on the film's poster. Remember, the jacket is important. Is Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron under mind control?

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